Sunday, October 24, 2010

Soundtrack of Me, Part 3

This is the third, and final, installment of my soundtrack...if you've missed the other two, here you go:

Just remember, no judging allowed around these here parts.

9. My "Rock Me to My Core" Song

Oh this song. I've been listening to it on repeat a lot lately. I think I might have a small crush on it. Not only does it make me want to whip out my guitar and make some serious magic happen, but I just love what it says about choosing to let go. I totally agree that sometimes we have to stand up and say enough is enough. Love, love, love this song.

10. My High School Song

Ok, so funny store. In high school, I had no car. That's not the funny part...Ahem, moving on....So, my brother was my ride...everywhere. And, for almost an entire year, the Shake Your Money Maker tape (yes, tape-- remember those?) by the Black Crowes was stuck in his car. In other words, if the radio was on, we were listening to it. Now I love this album, but a girl can only take so much. So, one day, when the brother wasn't home, I went to his car armed with a pair of tweezers...I was going in after that tape. The results were either gonna be great (no more tape) or very, very bad (walk to school for the rest of my high school career for breaking my brother's radio). It was a struggle, but let's say McCall-1, Radio-0. However, I honestly think I can still sing every word to every song on this my sleep.

11. My Mommy Song

This choice was not the easiest for me to make.
There are so many songs out there that remind me of my two little blessings.
 However, I think this one is my favorite.

12. My "Just the Two of Us" Song

And last but not least, this song reminds me of when I was little. It was just me and my mom, who had rigged a version of surround sound in our kitchen before such a thing really existed. Every time I hear this song I think of her...and of and my mom...back to the days when it was just the two of us.

Hope you enjoyed. :)
And, as always, I'd love to hear your thoughts and what songs you feel represent Y-O-U.

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Hope you've had a fabulous fall weekend full of many fall-like adventures.
Savor every last moment....Monday will be here in the blink of an eye.


  1. I love how some of your posts make me really think. Now I have to think of my soundtrack! Watch for my future posts! :-)

  2. I'm gonna have to do this!
    I have an ever changing soundtrack of my life. :)


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