Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Soundtrack of Me, Part 1

 So I have this hidden talent. I can watch a movie and then any time from that point forward that I hear a song from that movie I can tell you what movie the song was in AND at what point in the movie the song was used. It's a gift really. And it goes without saying that this is obviously the gift I would have chosen, seeing as how it's so darn useful and all. On a more serious note, if they ever make a game show out of this, I'm bringing home the bank---guaranteed.

Anyway, seeing as how I listen to music about as often as I breathe, this 'skill' is on my mind pretty often, and this keeps soundtracks on my mind. And just for kicks, I decided to compile what I like to think of as 'my soundtrack', the songs that describe and define who I am and what I'm all about. You know, kind of like the mixed tape of me. I kept it to twelve songs, seeing as how that's how many songs most albums have on them (and it also happens to be my favorite number).  And so as not to have a super long post, I'm gonna bring them to you four at a time. And THIS seems like a good place to start.


1. My lullaby

When I was little, my mom used to sing me the funniest song about a dead skunk. Yes, I'm serious- don't judge. Anyway, when Libby was a baby I used to sing it to her, and now we sing it to Hollyn. I think the fact that my childhood lullaby was about roadkill is extremely funny. Call me crazy, but that's my kind of humor-- especially considering my mother is very prim and proper. Well, I always believed that my mom had made this song up, but then one day my cousin let me listen to the real version. It's called 'Dead Skunk' and it's by Loudon Wainwright III. And we love it- all of us.
 Here's Libby at age two singing her own rendition.
However, if you want to hear the original you can listen to it here.  

2. My comfort song

Do you have a song that you can listen to that will instantly make you feel better? I mean I realize music is in fact NOT a magic cure-all, but there is something about that one song that does bring peace to my soul and help me to gain some perspective. This is mine. It's called "Stop the Rain" and it's by Third Day. I love it and hope you will too. You can listen to it here. And, if you have a song like this, do tell. :)

3. My ShakeItDon'tBreakIt song

This is song is guaranteed to make me bust out what little moves I have left. I actually have to refrain from listening to it as often as I'd like for fear that Libby will actually learn ALL of the words and not limit herself to just the chorus. It's an oldie but goodie, to say the least. Wanna know what it is? You can find out here.

4. My Sometimes Life's a Bummer song

This song is dripping in memories for also totally reveals my age (I'm 30, btw). I love every, single thing about it. You can listen to it (over and over and over again) here.

Be patient. I promise to bring you to next four very soon.


  1. Love it!I am your newest follower. I hope that you can do the same.

  2. I LOVE Third Day and I love music! :) This was a great post, thanks for sharing!

  3. The video is Libby was WAY too cute! Love it :) And "Dead Skunk" is hilarious.


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