Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Magent Board...Scary and Not-So-Scary Versions

Halloween is ALMOST here, and I could not be more excited. I think that since I was oober pregnante last year and trick-o-treating became a chore instead of a joy, I'm double excited about this year. Make sense? Good.
So, with the big day being only three days away, this will be my last Halloween craft this year.
But don't worry, we still have Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner.
Never fear; the crafting won't just won't be black, orange, and scary anymore.

Today I want to show a super easy, super cost effective way to make a magnet board. In fact, this is so easy that it's almost not worth posting, but it's so adaptable to any holiday, birthday, etc., that I thought I'd share.

First, hit up your local Dollar Tree.
I saw these pizza pans and just knew I could make great things happen.

If you don't see this exact one, no problem. You can use any shape or size.
You can even use burner covers, just be sure that whatever you use is magnetic.

Then I also bought a bag of these from the Dollar Tree as well (they also carry them at Wal-Mart, but they're more expensive).

I then took a sheet of paper and used my Silhouette to cut circles. No Silhouette? No problem. Just trace a quarter and cut out your circles.

Next you'll want to hot glue a piece of paper to the bottom of each clear glass stone.

Then hot glue a magnet under that.

And now sit back and admire how stinkin' cute your magnets are...I seriously think my fridge is going to protest if I don't make some just for it.

Ok, so here's the point when I incorporated Halloween. I used my Silhouette to cut some vinyl. Again, if you don't have one-- no problem! You can always just trace or sketch, cut, and hot glue. NO PROBLEM! You can also use contact paper.

Isn't that cute! I think it will be so great to use to display pics. of my kids each year in all of their costumes from Halloweens of days gone by. And in case you don't like scary, I also made one of these:

I think the pink is so cute.  :)

Here's hoping you have a safe, happy Halloween filled with more candy corn than your tummy can hold.

Oh, and I hear that entering giveaways is a way to make your Halloween even happier.
Just sayin.

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  1. i came over from 30 handmade days...really cute board. i love this! genius.

  2. I love this project! It would make a great thanksgiving project when you are done, too! Just peel off the vinyl and cut out a turkey to put on it! Don't you just LOVE your Silhouette machine!!!
    Visiting from 30 days!

  3. New to the blog - new follower - love this project!

  4. great idea, the pink is rather cute!

    here from boost my blog friday, have a happy halloweeeeekend!!!!!

  5. Adorable!!! I love this idea. :) Thanks so much for joining my party. I got you all linked up!

  6. Oh how easy and fun! I am going to make one for my kids for Christmas for their rooms to display their creations. LOVE IT!

    Visiting from Amanda's!

  7. great idea! i'm redoing my older girls' room and these would be great!

  8. I love how cute this turned out! And love, love, love the skull and crossbones: cute and scary in the best way.

  9. Here from the bloghop.
    I'm a new follower. Please follow back


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