Monday, February 28, 2011

The Final Countdown

Also, check THIS POST to see how you can enter to win a free one and to commit to pray for Kristen and the team headed to Ghana this summer.

Hope you're having a fabulous Monday, and in case you missed it, I posted my second 'If We Were Neighbors' post this morning.

What did YOU do today?

I'll be back tomorrow with final numbers for Africa shirt sales, as well as an updated map.
Crossing my fingers for more sales between now and then.

If We Were Neighbors Numero Two: A Linky Party

Mornin' neighbor.

First things first:


Now that that's taken of......
This morning there will be lots of coffee.
The Starbucks vanilla kind I got for my birthday.
With extra creamer and sugar-- two scoops.

We'd start off today's visit with talking about our weekend.
I'd tell you how Libby stayed with my mom, which was nice becuase it allowed us to clean sweep her room. Don't tell her though--we're hoping she won't notice that we threw away several of her hoarder-like piles. We call it intervention; she'll call it reason to throw a stage 5 fit.

Speaking of Libby, you'd be itching to know how Libby's appointment went with the pediatric allergist last week. You'd use the word 'itching', and I'd say someone woke up on the funny side of the bed this morning.

I'd cut right to the chase and tell you two things:

1. We really like her new doctor, even though he did look at me like I might be losing it when I pulled out my several inch thick folder complete with a list of all the things we've tried before that haven't worked. There are twenty-three things on that list. And twenty-three in four years is a lot.

2. We have a new skin routine. It includes us doing thirteen things a day for her skin for at least the next three weeks.

You'd shake your head and remind me of this:

And I tell you that we're very hopeful that this new routine will bring some comfort to our baby and some peace to our little lives.

In the meantime, we're doing our best to do this:

Oh, and did I mention there's cupcake shop just down the road from Lib's new doctor's office?

This alone is reason to celebrate.

We'd talk about blogging for a minute...things we love and things we'd like to change.
And I'd mention how surprised I was with my recent nerd post. Apparently, people like nerds.
That post got some serious views.
Maybe I shoud be nerdy more often.....

We'd talk a minute more about this and that.
And then I'd mention that Lee and I have some big changes in store... more to come on that soon.
You'd be anxious, and I'd tell you to wait patiently.
Because I love giving advice I know I'd never follow.

Before you left, I'd pass you my now completed copy of this:

I'd tell you that you simply must read it.
As a Southerner, I couldn't get enough.
As an English teacher, I couldn't get enough.
And as someone who flat out just loves a good story, I couldn't get enough.
You'd say you'll start it as soon as you get home.
I'd say you'd better...and then I'd wink.
Sometimes I like to do that.

We'd finish off our coffee, and then I'd head out on my daily walk...back doctor's orders, you know.

{As usual, the pics. in this post came from one of my favorite places on the world wide web.
I only wish I could take pics. that are this pretty.}

And now I'm just 'itching' to know--- what would YOU talk about with your blog friends if you were neighbors?

Write your post and link back to here either using this button or simply by adding a link somewhere within your post; I'm not picky.

And then link your post here so others can enjoy it.
Happy new week, peeps.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


In an attempt to help Kristen reach her shirt-selling goal and fund her trip to work in an orphanage in Ghana, Africa, for two weeks this summer, I'd like to offer a very special giveaway.

And not only will this giveaway help Kristen.....

...but it will help the children waiting in this orphanage right now.....
waiting for their forever families.

The news:

I'd like to offer a FREE
Africa shirt to one of you.

Even if you've already ordered one, you can always share the love, yes?

And entering is super easy.

All I'll ask that you do is help us to spread the word about our fundraiser.
You can do this by posting about it on facebook, twitter, your blog, or even by sending an e-mail to your family and friends. Just include a link to my blog so that your readers will have access to our paypal button and leave a comment telling me what you have done to help get the word out. You can leave one comment for each thing you do.


Would you consider commiting to pray for Kristen
and the team who will join her on her trip to Africa this summer?

I certainly hope you will.

And if you do, please leave a comment with an encouraging word for her.
I know she would truly appreciate it.

If you've ever truly put your heart into something and lived on faith in an attempt to do what you believe God is telling you to do, then I'm pretty sure you'll agree to these two things:

1. It's terrifying.
2. It can lead to enormous blessings.

And who among us couldn't benefit from prayers and encouraging words?
Not a one.

The winner will be announced on March 2 after the sales are completed.
I'll then ask that the winner message me your t-shirt size and mailing info.

From the bottom of this ole' heart of mine, thank you in advance.

And before I go, I wanted to share this with you.
It's a video of a little boy who was adopted from Ethiopia THIS WEEK
meeting his  forever family for the very first time.
I hope it will touch your heart the way it touched mine.

Enter away, friends.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I Think My Nerd Is Showing

Truth be told:
I'm kinda nerdy sometimes.
Truth be told again:
I'm t-totally ok with this.

And the nerd in me is loving these:

1- I 'mustashe' you a question; have you ever seen a pillow such as this?
2- Let the truth be told. I kid, I kid.
3- This just makes me giggle.
4- One of the best movies ever. You can make it part of your daily life here.
5- I see these in my nerdy little future. You?
6- My coffee would be much more fun with one of these. Agreed?
7- I'm not gonna 'force' you to go here, but you might wanna.
8- Just a little something trivial that I found here.

And I have to ask-- what is the nerd in YOU lovin' this week?
Perhaps it's a linky party. Hmmm...there's a thought.

Wanna see what others are loving this week? You can check them out here.

Happy Friday, peeps.
I'm pretty sure today is a GREAT day to order an Africa shirt.
Just a little somethin' to think about as you start your weekend.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mark Your Calendars!!!

How many college kids do you know whose summer plans are centered around flying half way across the world for two weeks to serve orphans in conditions that include NOT SHOWERING?

I know three.

And this one still needs a few hundred dollars to make her first trip payment.
And these shirts are helping her get there..... that she can make a difference.

If you want to help, it's not too late...yet.
But it will be soon.
You can see my sidebar for more info. and a direct link to paypal, where you can purchase your shirt.

And for those of you who have already helped:

I have been truly blessed by your support.
And support you have.
In fact, as of now our shirts will soon be finding homes in TWELVE states!

And while twelve happens to be my favorite number, I would love to take things up a notch and send shirts to say twenty states.
Twenty sounds good. 
But I need your help.

Again, if you'd like more info. or if you want to actually see the faces of the children Kristen will serve this summer, you can go here for more info.

And if you'd like to recap. the stats on Africa and the many, many children there who desperately need our help, you can go here.

Let the buying continue....but only until Monday. So procrastinate no more, friends.

And just in case you need a reminder:

God is good, all the time.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Over the River and Through the Woods

See this kiddo?
Today she has an out-of-town doctor's appointment.
We're seeing a pediactric allergist who specializes in eczema.
After six docs. down and still looking somewhat like she's been dipped in acid, we are well past desperate.
Wish us luck...and pray he doesn't hate us when I hand him our folder of past prescriptions, tests, etc...I think it's about ten inches thick.

The good thing about this trip?
There will be Starbucks.
And Target.
And hopefully some relief for my little girl whose skin is taking on a leathery appearance as of late.
Prayers would be fabulous if that's something you do...which I hope it is.

Know what else would be fabulous?
If you'll join my linky party and buy an Africa shirt.
Just throwin' that out there.

Happy Thursday to you and you and you.

Five Thanks: January

First of all, my apologies for this post being so late.
Enjoy it just the same?

1. Birthdays Galore

I seriously think my 31st may have been my best birthday to date. And then, to top it off, two days before I turned the big 3-1, this little one celebrated her first year. And I could not possibly be more thankful for this little life I love so. Oh, and that first birthday party = a total success if I do say so myself...which I do.

2. Working On My List

If you do recall, I recently wrote my list of thirty things I want to accomplish while I'm in my thirties. Well, look out number 9, cause I've got my eye on you.
That's right; despite the back drama I am working on learning how to actually play my guitar.
And this time, I've enlisted reinforcements.
Bloggers, you might remember Rachel.

Well, not only does she make me laugh on a regular basis and love my babies big time, but she also has madd skills, yo.

Check this out:

Pretty amazing, si?

You might recognize it from here.

Guitar lessons, here I come.

3. The First Born

Although my oldest can best be described as exhausting, I am so in love with the fact that she is totally comfortable with who she is, that she can own any room at any time, and that she was born to entertain. Now if we can only teach her to stay seated during dinner and not paint her mirror with chap stick, all will be right with the world.

4. The Dog Child

Plain and simple, I love this dog. I can't believe we've only had him for a little over a month. He has blended right into our crazy household and is the best snuggle buddy I've ever known.
The hubby will have a hard time topping this birthday present.

5. Tasty Treats of the New Variety

Just a few things I've been lovin' the heck out of lately.

January, you rocked.
Snow? Check.
Birthday celebrations? Check.
A month to remember? Check.

Oh, and if you haven't told me what we'd talk about if we were neighbors, no worries.
The party is still going strong.
So why don't you get to work on your post?
All the cool kids are doin' it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

If We Were Neighbors Numero Uno: A Linky Party

For starters, how was your weekend?
Mine was alright...more on that in a minute.
But first, if you do recall, last week I did a post about the things we would talk about if we were neighbors.
And you liked it.
I got several comments and e-mails about it.
And seeing as how I'm a blogger who listens to her readers, I've decided to make this a regular weekly feature and linky party here at Lee, Me, and the Girls.
If you care to join in, which I so hope you do, just link your blog post back to mine at the bottom of this post and please either post my button or give a link back to my blog somewhere within your post so others can join in the fun too.
With that being said, here's what we would have dished about today if we were neighbors:

After the weekend I had, this morning would have started off with coffee....the strong kind.

As soon as our coffee was poured, I'd get right to business and apologize...again....for the fact that Libby screams like a banshee every time she takes the dog outside. I know this can't be fun for you....especially at six o'clock in the a.m. Thanks again for not calling the cops...or throwing things at her....even though I'm sure you probably considered doing both. Not sure what's up with her and screaming at the top of her lungs these days. Any thoughts on this?

Moving on.....

We'd take a minute to talk abou the weather and how heavenly this little spring preview has been.

I'd tell you that it makes me feel crafty and gives me the urge to make things, such as this wreath which I hope to replicate sooner than later.

And it makes me wanna listen to this non-stop.

You'd take a minute to ask about the Africa shirt sales, being  that you're thoughtful like that,
and I'd tell you my big news:

I met my goal nine days shy of the deadline.

Fifty shirts sold to help Kristen go to Africa this summer to serve in an orphanage.
And then I'd say that I'll still be selling them through March 1st, so if you know anyone who hasn't ordered yet, please put a bug in her (or his...guys like pink too, right?) ear.

And then you'd present me with one of these and tell me to wear it proudly:

We'd hug, because it's kinda my thing, and then you'd ask me if I've given any more thought to going back to work next year. I'd huff and say yes; I am in fact leaning in that direction. Although I still can't say I want to teach forever, maybe I'll give it one more go. And we'd drift into a conversation about how completely unrealistic it is to make twenty-year-olds decide the rest of their lives when they're barely even old enough to know who they are, much less what they want to do day in and day out for the next thirty or so years.

And then, you'd ask the question I've been dreading:
How is your back?

I'd respond and simply say, "Terrible, terrible, terrible."
And then I'd tell you how my biggest fear is that this is my new normal,
and I'd mention that my doctor said the dreaded 's' word twice today: surgery.
It's where I'm headed if the therapy doesn't work, which it's currently not.

And in the meantime:

my house is a disaster.
my family is living on leftovers.
Libby's eczema is easily the worst I've ever seen it.
Hollyn now has not only an ear infection, but pink eye too...because an ear infection clearly is not enough.
I might just be about to lose it.
And a partridge in a pear tree.

You'd just smile and nodd and say you've been there too, and then you'd say something to make me laugh.

And before you go, I'd ask if it's possible to O.D. on strawberries....because if so, Libby might just be in trouble.

Then I'd fill your cup once more, and we'd start in on something even more fun...
like college story share hour.

Your turn.
I can't wait to read all of your links.

Here's hoping your weekend made mine look like chopped liver.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Momma Likey: For the Dog Child

1- Super cute dog bed from here
2- lovely dog dish from here
3- Amy Butler fabric collar from here
4- Oh my word at the dog hat from here
5- When Pigs Fly dog toy from here
6- Yummy yum dog treats from here

And the top two items on my wish list for the dog child:

How stinkin' cute is this little hook for your collar and leash? Love, love, love. You can order yours here.

And every dog needs a stylish ID tag. This happens to be my personal fav. Agree? Thought you might. You can order yours here.

So, you know I'm gonna ask-- what are YOU loving for YOUR dog child?

Here's hoping you've had a fabulous weekend.
And be sure to come back tomorrow for an Africa shirt update.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The 4-1-1 on What's in My Bag

Friends, today I'd like to introduce you to my makeup bag.
Friends, the bag.
The bag, friends.

Now that you've been formerly introduced, how would you care to take a peeksie inside?

Ok, who am I trying to kid- no, it doesn't always look like this. On a typical day, it's a tad bit more messy and jumbled and filled with random q-tips and whatnot. But today we're focusing on the positive and pointing out the highlights. By this I mean, here are what I consider 'my makeup bag essentials'. Let me preface this by saying that I am easy to please. When I find a product I like, I'm pretty hooked for life or longer. And I wear only the minimal when it comes to make-up; nothin' fancy round here, folks.

That having been said, here are my favs:

1- a Vitamin E stick...great for scratches, scars or anything else of that nature.

2-travel-size Aquaphor-- the BEST thing ever for heels, elbows, or anything else that may be of the dry    and/or cracked variety. It's also done wonders for Lib's eczema.

3- daily moisturizer with sunscreen...the generic Target version.

4- CHI silk infusion- a must for any girl with unruly, untameable, oober frizzy hair like the kind I have

5-Loreal True Match Naturale foundation-- LOVE this stuff. It's so light and feels like you aren't wearing make-up. Step aside Bare Minerals.

6- I also love the concealer-- no clumping, no greasies. Just complete coverage love.

7- chap stick-- any kind, any brand; I'm not picky.

8-Maybelline Super Stay Lip Color-- love, love, love this product.

9-Maybelline Falsies mascara-- the wand on this one is a bit tricky, but once you get the hang of it, I'm sure you'll be headed towards a beautiful time together.

Now you know I'm gonna ask, what's in your bag? What products do you swear by? I would love to know your top picks. If you post about this or have posted about this before, share the link?
I'd love to read all about it.

Oh, and my happy thought this morning:

my favorite blogger, The Emily Anderson, posted about our Africa shirts this morning.
You can check it out here if you're interested.

Happy Friday to you, and you, and you.
Hugs and kisses.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Making Me Giggle and a WINNER


Hollyn, where is your belly????


Man, I love that kid.

And congrats to comment #1, OUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE, for winning the Fingerprints on the Fridge giveaway. E-mail me your pick and mailing info, k? Pleaseandthankyou.

My friend Megan is coming to visit today, and we have plans of stellar proportions. Here's hoping your Thursday will be as fabulous as mine.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If We Were Neighbors and a WINNER

Let's just pretend for a minute that we are neighbors. Not the kind of the neighbors who casually wave when passing one another on the street, but the kind of neighbors who share stories, and secrets, and cups of sugar, and life with one another.
Well, if we were neighbors, I would certainly invite you over for a cup o' joe, seeing as how I'm somewhat of an addict.

 And while you were sipping and I was downing it, here's what we'd talk about today:

Well, seeing as how you're a neighbor of the caring variety, you'd ask about my back. I'd make my disgusted face and tell you that I hate it. I hate feeling like I can't contribute to my family and that my house is a mess, not by choice, but because I am under doctor's orders not to pick up, put down, or bend. And somehow the fact that the house is a mess because I can't pick it up bothers so much more than when it's a mess because I'm just not in a pick up kinda mood. But mostly, I'd say that my back makes me grumpy because for the next two weeks someone else gets to hang out with the coolest baby ever (aka Hollyn) and for this, I am t-totally jealous. It's one thing when I'm not with her because I'm at work providing for my family; it's a whole different ball game when I'm sitting at home staring at the ceiling fan while she's undoubtedly making someone else's day. And then I'd change the subject.

We'd talk about music......

And I'd tell how excited I am that I've started playing my guitar again...despite the fact that it's probably not so great for my back.
And how I've recently spent my kids' college funds on new I-pod music. And then I'd suggest that you check out Ron Pope, Daniel Doss, and Kevin Hammond. This would probably be the point when I played this song for you, because seeing as how it would have been at least fifteen minutes since I'd last listened to it, I'd probably be suffering from withdrawals.

After you said you loved it, as I'm sure you would, we'd take our coffee out back because the weather is simply too good not to....and we'd talk about spring. I'd ask about your spring break plans, and you'd ask about mine. I would tell you that I truly don't care, as long as whatever I do can be done barefoot. 

And I'd probably mention the canoe trip I'm planning for me, Libby, and Kristen.
You'd say you were jealous, and I'd invite you to come along for the ride.

Then, before you left, you'd ask me about Africa. I would thank you again for ordering your shirt and tell you that if I can sell fifteen more, I will have met my goal. But really, I won't be satisfied unless I sell twenty more, because overachieving is kinda my thing.

And you'd say good job, because you're nice like that.

And then, just as we were heading inside and you were picking up your purse,
you'd smile and ask for another cup, and I'd smile and say 'Sure thing'.

What do you think we'd talk about today if we were neighbors???? 

Oh, and on another note, congrats to  comment #6, Edi McIlwain on winning the Daisymaes giveaway. And a big thanks to all who entered! And if you don't win this one, I still have one going on until midnight can enter it here if you haven't already.

Happy Wednesday to you and you and you.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Counting My Rainbows

To put it mildly, this is not the happiest of happy times at my house.
This whole back thing is about to push me over the ledge.
And yesterday when Hollyn started her at least two week long stint at daycare because Mommy can't pick her up, Mommy almost lost it.

And then I remembered this:

Well, dadgummit, if a twelve year old can do it, then so can I.
I am bound and determined to make SOMETHING good come from this whole experience.
So, as I sit at home alone all day, icing my back every hour and a half and going to therapy, here are some things I'm doing to help make the most of things:

I WILL catch up on some reading.

Currently on the list:
I Am Number Four
The Help
The Happiness Project

Any suggestions are welcome and will be appreciated.

I WILL use this time to help accept the fact that Hollyn and I will not eternally cuddle up on the couch all day. At some point, she will have to learn that other people love her too..not just Mommy...even if Mommy does love her most.

I WILL use this time to catch up on some girl time.
Be expecting phone calls, ladies, because they're headed your way.

I WILL remind myself that if I can live through E-coli, I so got this....even though it's not going to be making my "Most Fun Things To Ever Do" list anytime soon.

And I WILL remind myself that it can ALWAYS be worse.

But, just in case these attempts fail, feel free to keep sending happy thoughts my way.
And don't forget to enter my two giveaways: here (this one ends tonight) and here.

Here's hoping your Tuesday is fab-u-lo-so.
Must. go. ice. now.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the wonderful pics. used in this post came from here.