Friday, October 29, 2010

Last Minute Halloween-ing

Seriously, we are Halloween-ing more this year than we ever have before, and we are loving every cotton pickin' minute.

In fact, this week has been so jam-packed with black and orange goodness, that I am beside myself with joy. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT.
Here are some bits and pieces of all the ways we've been making the most of All Hallow's Eve:

Wednesday to went to a church festival with some of our favorite people.

Libby wanted to bring a treat to her friends at school....
so we incorporated our two favorite things about Halloween:
candy corn and bats.

We made super stinkin' cute hair bows for the Libster.

And this really fun, non-creepy bat garland:

Then my completely awesome sister-in-law brought me some nectar from the gods, aka candy-corn flavored salt water taffy. I'd like to invest and buy stock in the's that good.
She also brought us a four pound bag of the good stuff, which we're hoping will last us until tomorrow.

In addition, she came with gifts for the kiddos. Love this little owl, and please notice the bats on the sucker.

And what would Halloween be without bat rings???

And suckers magically morphed into ghosts????

And pumpkin bracelets that you can eat while trick-or-treating?????

Oh, and giveaways??? Ok, so maybe you could have Halloween without giveaways, but why would you want to do such a thing? Lucky you, I have a hook up. Go here to enter...and come back tomorrow, where I've got a JEWELRY giveaway for one of you. :)
 All treats, no tricks here at my place. Again, you can thank me later.

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