Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ready to Rule the World

What is up with babies and their infatuation with all things dish washer?

Hate to break it to you, kid, but washing dishes is totally overrated and really not all that fun.
 It's one of those things you do because you have to,
but I promise you there are at least one thousand things you'll rather be doing
 when it's one day your turn to do the dishes.

Personally, I think Hollyn's interest in the dishwasher comes along with her desire to the rule the world. Seriously, if there is ever a contest for the most curious kid, we will be coming home with a trophy...or maybe a crown. Think they'd offer a crown for that? Or perhaps a cash prize? Baby likes cash.

Really though, every time she does this it just reminds me of the 'grass is always greener' know, that whatever someone else has or gets to do is somehow cooler than what you've got going on in your little neck of the woods.

Unfortunately for her, all Mom's got going on here is some dirty coffee mugs and not-so-clean forks.
 But keep on trying, H. Maybe one day Mom will do something interesting.....

like offer two super cool giveaways at the same time...

Oh wait, Mom's already done that.
In fact, she's doing that RIGHT NOW here and here.

See, there IS hope after all, Hollyn; maybe your Mom's not so boring after all.


  1. Too cute!!!

    Reminds me of the time that Adam was "helping" and he leaned down and licked the inside of the dishwasher door like the dog does. AFTER I had loaded it and it was covered in all the food that dripped onto it. Grossest thing I've ever seen!

  2. So true! I just had to remove my 1 year old from the dishwasher this morning. She thought it'd be a good place to stand. : )


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