Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh So Exciting

I've been waiting for this moment for months now. And it has finally happened;
my blog is officially SPONSORED.
Exciting doesn't even cover it.
AND, not only am I sponsored, but I think I might possibly be sponsored by one of the coolest girls ever to grace us with her talent.
Bloggers, meet Erin of Erin Norman Photography.

Isn't she beautiful? Well, get ready, because as beautiful as she is, she's even more talented.
I told her the other day that she needs to quit hogging all the talent and share some with the rest of us.
I'm pretty sure you're about to agree once you take a look at these:

Aren't they breath taking? I think I could seriously stare at her work for hours.

These last are in a tie for my favorite one of her prints:

Seriously, if it's possible to have a crush on a piece of art, consider me hopelessly in love.
 She needs to name the last one so I can doodle it in my notebook...hearts included.

I love her prints, and I love what she's done with them.
Feast your eyes on this:

That's right, folks. She's taken her photos and turned them into canvas masterpieces.
 Wouldn't they be the most lovely addition to your home?
You can see them here, at her Etsy shop.
I love how she offers such a wide array of sizes, so no matter which print you like,
you can find it in a size that will work for you.

However, the fun doesn't stop with canvas.
She also offers these little beauties:

Isn't that ADORABLE???!!!!
And the best part is they come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.

If you think Erin is as talented as I do, please check out her Etsy shop;
you'll find her button on my sidebar under my new SPONSOR section. (Insert squeal of delight here.)
You can also check her out on her facebook fanpage,
where she'll keep you updated about promotions and sales.

You should seriously take a minute and check out her website, which offers links to her blog (which is loads of fun, btw) and info. on how to get her to take photos for YOU if you live in the Las Vegas area.
 I'm honestly thinking it would be worth the trip to Vegas to get her to photograph my girls.

Erin, thank you again for believing in this blog o' mine enough to take a leap of faith and become my first sponsor. I appreciate it more than words can say.

Oh, and by the way, I'll be offering a giveway from her Etsy store next weekend. And let me just say that IT IS HUGE, monumental even. I mean BIG, BIG, BIG. You are NOT going to want to miss this one.
 It will run Saturday through Wednesday, October 16-20, so be sure to check back.

Speaking of giveaways, remember this little number:

You love it, don't you. I know I certainly do.
That's why I'm super excited that this is the week I'll be giving one away courtesy of a super cute Etsy shop that I'll be telling you more about on Friday. So in case Erin's AMAZING giveaway wasn't reason enough to come back soon, maybe this will seal the deal.

And don't forget, the Tisa's Creations giveaway ends tonight at midnight, and the Trick or Treat banner giveaway ends Thursday, October 14th.

AND, it's officially I AM THAT MOM week here at Lee, Me, and the Girls. I hope you'll read my amazing guest posts each day....and please feel free to leave comments if you like what you see.
 I hope someone  will read them and find comfort in knowing she is not the only mom out there who thinks being a mom is hands down THE hardest job there is.

Happy MONDAY to Y-O-U!


  1. Oh I LOVE her work!! Gorgeous, and Congrats to you my dear!

  2. Congrats McCAll :))

  3. Love the frames and she has beautiful artwork. The pictures are vibrant.

  4. wow, those are gorgeous! i will be watching for the giveaway :)


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