Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good Reads for Little Readers

We are readers.
All of us.
Reading is in the same league as breathing in our house.
 I told you-- it's in my blood.
I plead "I Just Can't Help Myself".
 And thankfully, my children love it too....both of them.
Seriously, the stay-at-home budget has led us to do without some things and to skimp and skim wherever possible, but it hasn't affected our book budget.
They are a priority in this little home of ours.

Take a peek at the Libster's book shelf:

She loves each and every one of her treasured books, and I do believe we've read them all.
However, just like with everything else in life, we have our favorites.

Libby and I LOVE the Mercy Watson books.

Seriously, if your child is old enough for a short chapter book with lots of great,
 colorful pictures, please check these out. They are so funny and so well-written.
 Our library has them, so yours probably does as well.

But, little Miss Libby isn't the only kiddo in this house with favorite books.
 Check out H's selection of choice:

We love these books by Leslie Patricelli.
In fact, they might just be my very favorite board books ever.
They crack me up EVERY. TIME. we read them.

Oh, and you like that bruise on Hollyn's little head? The joys of learning to walk.

But back to the books-- I just think the pictures are precious and the wording is so clever and cute.

And they'd be perfect for a boy or girl of any age; Libby's six and she STILL loves these books.

We read at least two a day.

But, when we're not reading Leslie Patricelli books,
you might find us checking out (or chewing on) one of these classics:

The Foot Book, especially, has seen better days,
but Hollyn pulls these three off of her bookshelf and brings them to me at least once a day.

Reading is kind of our thing, and we're always on the hunt from new books to love and cherish.
So, I just have to ask, what do your kids LOVE to read????

Oh, and don't forget to take a break from reading ( :) ) long enough to enter my giveaways.
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GOOD LUCK and HAPPY READING to you, and you, and you.


  1. This post hits home! My kids and I are also readers! On my blog, awhile back ago, I posted the list of all the books my 7 year old read over two months. Maybe you guys might find some to read, too!

    Happy reading! ;o)

  2. We love all things book related in our house too! Two of our favorites:
    ~I Love You Through And Through
    by Bernadette Rossetti Shustak
    ~Busy, Busy Town (Giant Little Golden Book)
    by Richard Scarry

  3. We really like all the "Click Clack Moo" books... and "Encyclopedia Brown" is always fun

  4. We have all the books from Leslie P. as well. They were such a help as my son was learning to speak correctly, plus they are so fun to read. I can hear us reading it in my head "Singing is LOUD!" lalalalalaa.

  5. We love books at our house too! :) Those girls of yours are so adorable reading their books!

    Oh- And I really enjoyed reading the guest posts!! So fun! Thanks for sharing!

  6. oh parker already LOVES story time. he loves the very hungry caterpillar, & any book with animals. when we turn the page, he gasps every time at the new picture. SO CUTE.

    PS: you should totally dye your hair now too ;)


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