Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nerd Love

Don't you just love a good nerd?
I sure do.
You know, the best friend in the movie who's not so popular and kinda quirky.
I fall for them every time.
Not so much in a 'hey you're a cutie' kind of way....more so in 'hey, let's hang out and giggle' kind of way.

Here are a few of my all-time favorite nerdy nerds:

Seth Green- seriously the episode from Grey's where he guest stars is one of my all time faves. I just love him. He's so much fun. I think we'd have been bff in high school. It's pretty much a given.

And what about Jon Heder?????

Ok, so maybe he's not so adorable as Napoleon Dynamite with her tot lovin' ways.

However, he's a kind of a cutie here:

Sometimes, I can't help but wonder if we're somewhat attached at the sense of humor.

And I LOVE Justin Bartha...aka Rylie Poole from National Treasure.

Don't you just want to squeeze him? I think he's so stinkin' cute.

And seriously-- who doesn't love Adam Richman from the Travel Channel's Man vs. Food?

I love this guy. He's so funny and sarcastic...and makes great faces (see photo above).
 I also love that he can laugh at himself. So important.

But I think my most loveable nerd is Paulie Bleeker  (aka Michael Cera) from the beloved Juno.

Ugh- I love this kid. And I think he's the cutest nerd there is.

OK, so maybe not so cute like this....

But who can resist that little smirk?

So readers, you know I'm gonna ask: who's the numero uno nerd in your life?

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  1. My husband "enginerd" is my favorite nerd! But I also just adore Michael Cera!

  2. I must say my fave nerd is my husband. I don't know if Paul Rudd would be considered a nerd ... but he is my ALL time fave cutie. :D


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