Friday, October 8, 2010

The Headband Has a New Home

This morning bright and early, Libby chose a winner for the super cute headband giveaway.
And the winner is:

She wrote all the names herself. It was great practice. In case you can't read that one, it says ASHLEY!!!!

Congrats Ashley, I can't wait to see a picture of your baby girl wearing it.

Thanks to all who participated in my first giveaway! I had such a great response, and to be honest, it was fun reading all your comments. There is obviously so much to be thankful for these days!

Want something ELSE to be thankful for....well, how about the fact that between now and November 25,  I will be hosting  AT LEAST twelve more giveaways! How's that for exciting???

What's that you say???
You want a sneak peek at some of the goodies that will be up for grabs???
Ok, ok. But only because you asked so nicely.

I KNOW, RIGHT??? So, be sure to come back soon. Lots of great stuff is happening here at Lee, Me, and the Girls, and I could not POSSIBLY be more excited.  And although the Libster enjoyed choosing the winner of my fist giveaway, I'll be using to select the winners of my giveaways from now on.

And in case you haven't already entered the giveaway I have going on now for the adorable Trick or Treat Banner, you should do that. And come back tomorrow for a stationary giveaway. :)

Oh, and if any of you have an Etsy shop or product you'd like featured here, send me a message at I'll be happy to see what I can do. Oh, and I like guest posters.....hint, hint, hint.


  1. Must.Have.One.Of.Those.Owl.Hats!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, so cute!

  2. Bummer I didn't win, but LOVING all this new stuff!

  3. Congrats Ashley! I am looking forward to the new stuff coming up! I agree with Talley...LOVE those hats too!

  4. Hello! I am your newest follower from a Friday Blog Hop! I would love it if you could follow back at one or all three of my blogs!

    Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. ooohh! Some super cute stuff. I can't wait!


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