Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Am That Mom- Bobbi Jo

I am not that mom, am I?
OMG, I am just that mom.
You know which one I’m talking about, the one that was ignoring her screaming child while you were in Wal-Mart at the age of 22 bc. (Before children)
I swore that day, and every other before I had my two angels sent from above, I would do whatever it took to keep them quiet while shopping. Now that I do have my own, and they do scream like wild animals, I understand why those moms let their children scream it out. I will not give into my four year old throwing his “freak outs” over ridiculous stuff. “No, you may not have that ridiculously sugary drink, yes, you have to ride in the cart, and No, you can’t have that obnoxious toy, it’s junk, and it will break before we get it home.” As if going to the store isn’t stressful enough, your child screaming doesn’t make it any better, but if you give in to ever one of their demands, you would be broke or totally crazy! There are shopping trips that are quiet, usually some kind of bribe is agreed upon, but the trip usually is one where you promise it will only take two minutes, your in and out, and you don’t go down any of those temptation isles. Now when I go shopping and it’s someone else’s child throwing that fit, you breathe a sigh of relief, put a smile on your face and simply say, “ I totally understand.”

Dinner time, is mass chaos!
This is when the meltdowns and freak outs begin.
For all you Jersey Shore fans, we have nick named our oldest, “The freak-out,” because everything sets him off. I really do feel that I have the only child that likes one food one day, and refuses to eat it the next.
My mom and two aunts think I’m terrible.
I’ve got to the point that I’ve told him, fine, don’t eat, that’s what we’re having, if you don’t like it, I’m sorry. Drayton used to eat everything and anything.
Now, he won’t eat hardly anything, and he won’t try it.
 It is so frustrating. I make a good dinner, steak, mashed potatoes, and corn, he “freaks out” and says he doesn’t like that, he then proceeds to tell me, he only likes the corn, but two weeks before he ate the same steak.
How does that work?
 I really don’t see how you can like a food one day, and POOF, not like it the next.
What do I do, give into him and my family and make him something that he will eat, like peanut butter and jelly, or do I stick to my guns and he eats what I fix?
 I feel terrible, but life isn’t that nice, you don’t always get what you want when you want it.
Do I teach that now, or wait until he’s older?

Life has changed so much from 41/2 years ago when I had Drayton, “the freak out” to 1 year ago when I gave birth to my “calm” child, Cason.
When I was pregnant with Drayton I didn’t know a thing about children or child birth.
Everyone hands out their opinions from how you should give birth to how to get them to sleep in their beds through the night. That is one piece of advice I wish I would have listened to.
I hated hearing my sweet baby cry, it broke my heart.
I would put him in his bed and he would scream his head off, so I put him in my bed, and he would sleep soundly, and so would I. 
Four years later, he still climbs out of his bed and gets in mine.
 I’ve created a monster!
Now with Cason, you live an learn.
 He gets a hug and kiss, gets laid down in his crib, and before I get to my room, I can hear him snoring.
Now we both get a good nights sleep because I don’t have to worry about rolling over on him, I just have to wonder when Drayton will be crawling next to me and rubbing my hair.

All in all, I am that mom, the one that puts her family before herself.
The one who runs to the store in sweats, a tee shirt and her hair thrown up on her head.
 The mom who would do anything to make her babies smile and would take away all their pain.
I am that mom that wakes up everyday and sees their smiling faces, and when the tell me they love me, I know now why, I am that mom.
 I would like to thank my mom and her mom, my Nunny for teaching me what great moms are like.

My Aunt Joyce and Aunt Marlene for always being there when I need them.  I would also like to thank all of my friends that are great moms, McCall for giving me a place to share my wild life, and of course my husband who is the best, most caring, helpful man in the world, I don’t know what I would do without him!


  1. You are THAT mom and I know because I witnessed it first hand while living with you this past summer. You have your hands full with both of them and I don't know how to do it. You have to give constant attention 24/7, love them, hug them, feed them, bathe them. Kids are work! Through experiencing the perks of motherhood with you, I can only hope that I am just as good of a mother as you are to Drayton and Cason, and our parents were to us :)

  2. Yes! Shopping, meals, bed time. I feel the same way. My 4 1/2 year old son pulls the same food "dislikes" too. My first-born didn't sleep thru the night until 10 months old. My second-born slept thru starting at 2 months. What does that tell you!
    McCall, thanks for this week's themes. Great idea. It is validating to read about someone else having similar experiences. And look how happy our kids are - we must be doing something right!

  3. My daugher was the same way as your first! I was so protective/let's let her sleep in our bed/now she won't let anyone else hold her that when my son was born, he came I was like, "here! someone else hold him so he doesn't get too attached;)"

    Love this post!

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  5. I must say you are that mom and more. I think you are a great mother who can do everything and more. I must say I think you took after your Nunnie who is looking down from Heaven and saying "Who knew that granddauther of mine would turn out this great, just like her Nunnie" She is proud of you and so am I.


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