Saturday, October 9, 2010

Super Cute Weekend Giveaway Bundle from tisascreations

In case weekends aren't perfect just the way they are, I'd like to make this weekend extra special for one of you by offering an ADORABLE giveaway bundle from a super cute Etsy shop called Tisa's Creations.

 Tisa's shop is filled with the most adorable stationary and gifts.

Check out this super cute clip board:

And I LOVE this little gift box with the chalkboard tag. Isn't that so cute????

And the reader in me wants one of these jumbo bookmarks.
 I'm thinking Santa would agree that they'd make a great stocking stuffer for the little reader in your life.

And, I don't think I've mentioned before that I am a stationary junkie. I love it. I seriously don't think I could ever possibly have too much. I really might need rehab to break my addiction.
And these cute initial  note card sets aren't helping one little bit.

She also sells these individual cards that are perfect for that special day in someone special's life.

I love them all, but this one wins the cake for me:

I also love these little mini notebooks. LOVE THESE!
Yet another perfect stocking stuffer or goodie basket idea.
I am crazy about the prints on these.

She even offers a holiday version. :)
I'm thinking these would perfect for my Bunko group....if I had a Bunko group, that is.

Well, Tisa has ever so graciously offered the cutest bundle of goodies as a giveaway for one of you.
Are you excited? You should be.

Here's what the winner will get:

Let me just say that I'm totally jealous of whoever wins this.

This goodie bundle includes:

Thank You Card
Bold Circle Note Stationery Set (letter of your choice)
Chandelier Notepad
Mini Clip Board
Chunky Magnet
Covered Clothespins
Covered Chocolate Treat Can

Isn't that awesome???? Too bad I can't enter.

But YOU certainly can.
Here's how.

Go to tisascreations on Etsy, look around,
then come back here and tell me what your favorite thing is in her shop.


*Become a fan of Tisa's Creations on facebook. Leave me a comment telling me you did this.
*Heart tisascreations via your Etsy account. Leave a comment telling me that you did this.
*Buy something from Tisa's Creations, and then come back here and tell me what you purchased. :)
*Become a follower of Lee, Me, and the Girls or remind me that you already are one.

So, you have five possible chances to enter to win.
The winner will be chosen via and announced first thing in the morning on October 12th.
Best of luck to you and happy weekending!

Oh, and don't forget to enter my other giveaway, where you can win an adorable Trick or Treat banner.


  1. LOVE her hard to pick a fave but I will be going back to her page and buying the cards that you can have your name printed on.

    I also 'liked' her on Facebook AND I 'heart' her on etsy...oh AND I follow 'Lee, Me, and the girls'...of course

    So there are my 5 enteries...such cute stuff, I need rehab too!

  2. I became a fan of Tisa's Creations on FB.

  3. My favorite thing...I have to just pick one?? I really love the "I love you more than my iPhone" card! I also love the bookmarks!

  4. okie dokie. Those were a lot of instructions but I am a sucker for a giveaway. I, libby robinson, went to etsy and my favorite thing is the mom notes. I am also a sucker for any type of stationary. I also added her as a fav on my etsy acct. I also am now following your blog. I also liked her shop on facebook. I think that sums it all up. have a great weekend!!

  5. I love the jumbo bookmarks ruthjoec at aoldotcom

  6. To say I want to win this is an understatement! I love the jumbo bookmarks, but the cupcake birthday cards are super cute! Thank you for introducing me, I will be adding to my favorites soon. :)

  7. McCall, this is a super awesome giveaway! My favorite Item is Tisa's shop is the jumbo bookmark. It is so cute!

  8. I love love love the jumbo bookmarks! They're so cute!

  9. So... 1. I liked her facebook page :)
    2. I am already a follower of my favorite family :)
    3. My favorite item has to be the gift box with the chalk tag! :)

  10. I "liked" Tisa's Creations on Facebook!

  11. Oh, and let's not forget...I read your blogs daily...forever a follower (: Love you big!

  12. How cute & fun!! :) I think my favorite is the jumbo bookmarks too- although I think the cupcake birthday card is super cute too!

  13. I "liked" Tisa's creations on facebook and hearted on my new esty account, which I just opened because of give-away! I am a follower, you know I would follow you anywhere! I told you what I liked earlier. So, if my math is right, I have done 4 out of 5.

  14. I added Tisa's Creations to my favorites on Etsy! <3

  15. Love this giveaway so much! My favorite item in the shop is the "I love you more than my iPhone" cards

  16. So hard to pick a favorite! I love the Jumbo Bookmark.

  17. I just hearted Tisas creations!

  18. I am already a follower - and love the inspiration!

  19. I am IN LOVE with Tisa's cute, cute, cute book marks and her little clipboards. My little definitely NEEDS both! :)

    I have become a fan of Tisa's Creations on facebook.

    I have become "heart"ed Tisa's creations on my etsy account.

    I am now saving up to buy some stationary from her etsy shop (I am hoping this will do instead of the buying thing...I am in college, ya know ;) )

    I am a follower of Lee, Me, and the Girls! :)

  20. McCall- I like the chunky magnets. (Check your mailbox.) Trudy

  21. I don't guess my first comment made it.

    I'm a fan of Lee, Me, and the girls
    I like Tisa's Creations on FB
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the mom notes

  22. NO way? Love this! Thanks McCall! I am a follower :)

    I like, no, LOVE Tinas creations on FB

    and my favorite in her etsy shop is the clipboard!!!! :)

    Thanks again!

  23. I love the mini clipboards and the notecards!

  24. 1- I was a follower LONG before there was a blog! :)
    2-I became a fan of Tisa's creations on facebook.
    3-There wasn't an actual item for it, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the personalized stationary that says "oh crap, I forgot". I say that at least 10 times a day.

  25. I'm a huge reader, so I'm loving the jumbo bookmarks. I can't pick a favorite because they're all so cute!

  26. I've been following for a while, but just pressed the magic button on the right sidebar. :)

  27. I love the Birthday Cupcake Card.

  28. I hearted her shop on Etsy.

  29. I follow your blog. I just found it & it's so cute.

  30. I love a little bit of everything, but I would love to have some Mom notes, they are so cute, and I don't have anything like that at all. I miss having cute little stuff like that when I was a teacher! BJT

  31. Hello, McCall~
    Loved your post about Hollyn's leg warmers~~~~~ She's absolutely adorable.
    OK. I am a follower of your blog;
    I hearted Tisa's Creations;
    I became of fan of her facebook page;
    and my favorite item is the zebra birthday card!!!
    Good luck to me~~~~~

  32. Oh my I love all tisa's stuff. I probably like the round covered chocolate treat cans. I few years ago I bought some of her rectangle ones and added a gift card for teacher gifts. So easy and cute.


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