Monday, January 9, 2012

Oink, Oink Pink Piggies Say: Hollyn's 2nd Birthday

It's no secret I love a good party.
I believe in the power of a birthday and that the lives of my little ones are worth celebrating.
 This year was no exception, but I did focus on my word for the year:
 I did less for this party than any other party I've thrown for my kiddos.
Also, we kept this one to just family, also something new for us.
The results: perfect.
 It was simple, and peaceful, and Hollyn loved every minute.

Here's the lowdown:

-There were super cute handmade piggy invites.

-There were little piggies and yummy yum cake balls.

-There were individual banana puddings in mason jars.

-There were precious piggies that held balloons.

-There were treats for our guests and lots of simplicity.

-There were two candles on the birthday girl's cupcake, plus one to grow on....

-There was an adorable two-year-old girl who could not have been more excited.

-There were lots of times we saw Hollyn her ever famous OOOOOOHHHHH face that we all love.

-There was singing and lots of sugar.

-And there was a slight sugar induced stare to tie it all up.

This party was nothing short of a t-total, simple success.

Now if I can only figure out how's it's possible that my baby is already two......

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  1. Happy Birthday Hollyn! Simple, yet so festive and in my opinion, still a decent amount of prep time (individual puddings?! yum : )
    How did the cake balls turn out? If great, what recipe did you use?


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