Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 Resolu-NOTS: HOW DID I DO?

Instead, I resolved NOT to do a few things.
Turns out I'm pretty darn good at not doing things....

Here's a recap and a run down on how the whole 'not doing things' played out in 2011:

1. Be Made a Fool of by This Baby: FAIL

This baby knows how to play me like a fiddle.
All she has to do is smile that adorable smile and bat those pretty little lashes, and I'm all but putty in her little hands. Thankfully, her personality is one that needs very little discipline right now, so it works for us.

2. Not Break the Bank on Craft Supplies: SUCCESS!

While I did do my fair share of crafting this year, I did a much better job of using what I already had rather than spend, spend, spending every time I got a new idea. This is an exceptionally good thing seeing as how there's not a craft store within an hour's drive, so gas plus craft supplies bought on every whim could have been a very bad combination.

3. No More Eating Endless Amounts of Mint Oreos: SUCCESS!

While I'm not dieting or anything like that (not that I shouldn't be.....cough, cough), I have done better about being intentional when eating sweets. My go-to phrase for this:
If the answer is no, then I simply don't eat it; it's as simple as that.

4. No Pouting Because I Want One of These: SUCCESS!

While I do still hope to drive around in one of these one day,

my sights are currently set on something that looks more like this:

5. No More Missed Opportunities: A BIT OF BOTH

While I have tried harder to take advantage of random fun moments, this was not the best health year for me what with the back issues and the liver-induced hospital stay. I will say though that I view these moments as more of a blessing now than I did this time last year.

6. No More Breakfast Bar Every. Single. Morning.: FAILURE

As a matter of fact, I ate one of these this morning. I have, however, tried harder to venture out on the weekends with home cooked breakfast. But, this may just be one of those 'the grass is always greener' situations that isn't necessarily the best fit for my least not while the girls are still little.

7. No More Rainy Day Excuses: SUCCESS

We did do some playing in the rain this year.
This post is proof.

8. No More Missed Chances for Kitchen Dancing: SUCCESS!

In fact, there is now a radio in my kitchen for this very purpose.

9. No More Forgetting My I-pod: SUCCESS!

10. No Breaks in Reading: SUCCESS....kinda.

(Currently reading....)

While I have read pretty much non-stop all year, some of that has been strictly reading I've had to do for work (aka novels I'm teaching). Does that count? I'm thinking perhaps....

11. No More Feeding My Dear Blank Please Blank Addiction: SUCCESS and FAILURE all in one.....

While I have completely parted ways with dear blank please blank, I would say I currently suffer from a wee overdose of Pinterest...... but at least I'm not the only one.

I'll be posting my 2012 RESOLU-NOTS next week.....there will be a linky party for you to post your as well.
Raise your hand if you're excited.

And in case that's enough for you, tomorrow there will be a birthday party at my house for Hollyn while I celebrate turning thirty-two. That's a whole lot of birthday for one little house...

Happy weekend-ing to you and you and you.

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