Saturday, January 7, 2012

Year 31: What I Learned

- After watching my two girls, I learned that I'd give just about anything to have a sister.

-I learned that sometimes teaching makes me grumpy. By this I mean, I have a tough time watching kids make bad choices, be ugly to one another, and waste away this time in their lives. I'm not very good at 'sit back and keep your mouth shut while they make their own mistakes', and thus, the grumpiness frequents my house.

-I learned that having a hurt back is not fun for me or my family. It will cause Libby to say things like, "My mom is always sick", and this will hurt my feelings every.single.time.

-I learned that I can in fact go a month without eating Mint Oreos. It may not be fun, and I may not like it, but it can be done.

-I learned the value of a dishwasher after living without one for the past six months.

-I learned that some friends are truer than others.

-I learned that every relationship, friendship, and family has troubles. They don't always get along. They don't always agree. They may not even always like each other. Fortunately, some things in life are worth fighting for, and relationships are one of these things.

- I learned that a year is way too long to go without seeing your best friend.

-I learned that in some aspects of life I am super strong and can handle more than most. I also learned that about some things I am overly sensitive.

-I learned that moving is not nearly as much fun as it seems like it will be. It's an illusion, and yet I fall for it every. single. time.

- I learned that not everyone will relate to my desire to help Africa. Not everyone will understand. Some will even question and judge. Specifically, they will say things like, "Why are you so worried about Africa when there are so many people and children here who need help?". This will hurt my feelings, but there are two things that will keep my chin up: 1. I fully believe God has created a special place for Africa in my heart. I cannot explain where it comes from or the overwhelming love I have for these people. 2. Not everyone has the same heart. Some people are aching to reach out to St. Jude or the ASPCA or the American Heart Association. I happen to believe it's great that we all have different cares and concerns; a whole lot of injustices can be helped that way.

-I learned (we'll call this one a work in progress) that I don't have to defend my decisions or likes and dislikes to everyone. As long as I know I've done the best I can with what I have and the gifts I've been given, that is enough.

-I learned that even the best mothers sometimes take time for themselves.

-I learned that being a grown-up is sometimes no fun at all.

- I learned that some years are growing years. While these years won't be much fun, they will push me to be and do better. They will help get my priorities in order and help me realize what it is I really want out of this one precious life I've been given. These will be the years I look back on later and remember the most, because I learn and develop a whole lot more during a 'growing year' than do during a year that I'd label as nice and easy.

-I learned that no one's life is as perfect as it seems. Every one of my friends is fighting her own battle. And while some battles may seem harder or even more glamorous than others, whatever it is, it's a big deal to her. And a good friend is there with you through whatever it is. I want to be that friend for the ones I hold dear.

-I learned that being a mom is hands down the hardest job ever.

-I learned that whether I am working or taking a year off to spend with my babies, being a mom is still a full-time job. There are good things and bad things to both and both scenarios are tough at times.

-I learned that friends can come in any age.

-I learned that blogging makes me really, really happy.

-I learned that Libby is growing up to be so much like me that I'd better be overly aware of everything I say and do from here on out.

-I learned that it's okay to not try and pretend to be of the supermom variety.

No lying, thirty-one was not my easiest year.
But thirty-two is off to a bright start.
My word for this year: SIMPLIFY. More to come on this.

If you are one of the bucket loads of people who have wished me happy birthday today, thank you, thank you, thank you. You have made me feel so very special.

Here's wishing a happy Saturday (or what's left of it) to you and you and you.

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  1. Happy 31
    The Davis Family

  2. Happy Birthday McCall!
    There sure is a lot to learn in life. I like your idea of reflecting back on the year in this perspective.


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