Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Tomorrow Hollyn will be two.
How that is possible, I don't even know, but that's a whole other post.
For now, let's talk about what I'm NOT doing tonight.
I am, in fact, not slaving over cupcakes, making sure each one is perfect with just the right amount of sprinkles and the icing just right.

It's not that I can't do that. I can,and I have. However, sometimes in life you simply must compromise.
So, tomorrow I'll be sending these with Hollyn to share with her friends at 'school':

And you know what?
It will be fine.
She will be happy and proud and feel special....
because she is.
And sending her with super fancy, homemade cupcakes will not make her any less or more special.

I just think that as a mother, we (by this I mean 'I', and I hope I'm not alone in this because that will only make me feel worse....) sometimes put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect all. the. time. And sometimes, in an attempt to create this perfect scenario 24/7, we fuss and huff and ended up nothing short of frustrated.

So, tonight I'm giving Hollyn a far better gift than homemade cupcakes that she would have appreciated no more than yum-o store bought cookies; I am giving her a happy, non-frustrated mom who has twenty more minutes to spend smooching on her babies.

And that, my friends, is better than homemade cupcakes, even the kind with sprinkles.


  1. I totally agree. But if your little one is anything like my 3 1/2 year old - he LOVES those cookies - so it is a win-win situation. More time for hugs and snuggles

  2. I love this post. Happy Birthday, Hollyn!

  3. I wish I could "like" this like you can on Facebook! Thank you for this post and reminding me what's important. I, too, want to be that perfect mom and have to remind myself that it is more important to have that extra time with her.
    Happy Birthday, Hollyn! Gosh, seems like yesterday I was reading about her birth!!



  4. McCall, I stressed over Olivia's first birthday and I swore I would never do it again. I buy cakes or cupcakes or cookies. So good for you for spending the extra 20 minutes loving on your babies.

  5. LOVE THIS!! Happy Birthday Hollyn!
    FYI Preschool teachers are not fans of birthday cupcakes. The little ones eat the icing and throw the cupcake away and then you have all those faces to wipe. Cookies, cookie cakes, and doughnut holes are the best.


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