Monday, January 17, 2011

Turning One is Oh So Fun: Hollyn's Milk and Cookies Party

There are two things my little one absolutely goes nuts for:
1. her bottle.
2. cookies of any kind.

So, when it came time to plan her first birthday party, the theme was a no-brainer: milk and cookies.

Here are the invites I sent to all of her favorite people:

Of course, the birthday girl needed something appropriate to wear to her par-tay.
Here's what I came up with for her big day:

I whipped up this little head band and then made the shirt with some felt, heatbond, and simple stitching.
She supplied the bruises on her own; how thoughtful of her, right?
And seriously-- isn't my mom the cutest?

I've thrown some pretty elaborate birthday parties in the past, and I have to see this one was so simple in comparison.
But don't let that fool it-- it was one super cute, fun party.

I kept the menu really simple.

Of course, there had to be coffee for the grown-ups.

Other than that, I stuck to the basics:
cookies, cookies, cookies, and more cookies.

And cupcakes....but not just any cupcakes.
These cupcakes were filled with magical goodness in the form of cookie dough centers, based on a recipe I adapted from here.

I found the silver platters at the Dollar Tree (score of the year) and am IN LOVE with the milk pitchers that I found at Wally World.
They were quite the hit and perfect for serving plain milk, as well as strawberry and chocolate.

I then recycled the cupcake tower from Lib's party and made some cute cupcake toppers-- some made to look like cookies and some sticking with the black and white photos motif from Hollyn's first year.

I also left the tree up and used it to display more pics of the little one; with her birthday being so close to Christmas, I just couldn't resist.

I also used black and white pics. to decorate the mantel.
I had one picture to represent each month of her life so far.

The food was great, the atmosphere was better, and the fun had by those in attendance was the best of all.

And this little girl could not POSSIBLY have been any cuter.

She was so sweet and patient while we opened all of her presents.

And I think the sock monkey slippers might have been her favorite, seeing as how she couldn't stop hugging them.

Personally, I was a little partial to these.

And I'm not sure who invited nudist colony Barbie, but she made an appearance nonetheless.

Her cake (decorated by friend Lenzie- thank you :) ) was adorable, and Hollyn ate every. single. one of those cookies. I told you she fiends for them.

We didn't even get to finish singing to her before she had to sample them.

She kept trying to share, but for whatever reason, no one wanted any of her cake....hmmmm....

The finished product:

I am so thankful for all the people who adore this little girl.....

...even if some of them do try to steal her on their way out.

And again, could my friends GET any cooler?

I'm thinking not.

The odds of that happening are about as good as the odds that this baby could possibly get any cuter,

...and let's just say I'm not holding my breath on that one.

We sent everyone on their way with some cookies in tow.

And I all have left to say is that turning one sure is fun.


  1. OMG! Adorable little girl and adorable party. Loved this post.


  3. What a super sweet way to celebrate a 1st birthday. I think any of my kids would love that theme, even now that they are older! Great job.

  4. What a cute idea! Hollyn couldn't be any cuter if she tried! Happy Birthday to your 1 year old.

  5. how darling and "SWEET" i just love her little onesie headband and that cookie cake, so cute. Jen

  6. Oh my goodness--what an adorable party. I love the strawberry, chocolate, & white milk in the pretty containers AND the beautiful "cake" display with the cupcakes on it. What a lucky one-year-old!

    Warmly, Michelle

  7. What a GREAT idea McCall!! The cupcakes, I WILL be making! The decorations, color scheme...all of it, perfect! Good job, Momma!

  8. That is sooooo cute.
    Love the whole Cookies and Milk theme party. TFS

  9. What a GREAT party for a special little girl! I love all the details - especially the picture on the tree.

  10. What a cute party idea for a little one! I love all of your cookie details, but especially love the headband and shirt that you crafted.

    I'm visiting from Amanda's party.

  11. Visiting from the Serenity Now party - I LOVE this party idea! Such a simple premise that you can just run with! I love the pitchers of the different flavors of milk and the cookie goody bags the guests got to take home. I will definitely be remembering this idea for the future!


  12. How cute! Love the cookie headband :)

    Visiting from Serenity Now!

  13. What a sweet party!! I LOVE those adorable invites you made. :) The pictures of the birthday girl are such a nice touch. You did a great job! Thanks so much for linking up to my party. Hope you'll stop by Serenity Now again soon. :)

  14. Oh my goodness! I just realized you were following my blog, & I had never checked yours out. Boy am I sorry, because your blog is adorable. So are your girls!! This party looks like it turned out fantastic. You're a very crafty lady!

  15. So many cute details! Her shirt is my favorite!!

  16. Thanks for linking up to the cSI Project. I think this party is adorable and so is your little one. I love all of the black and white photos on the mantle and your toppers. You did a great job! Good luck on next year's party. They grow up too fast though. :(
    enjoy the cuteness!!!
    Dee, the CSI Girl


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