Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012: My Word for This Year

This year, I'm trying something new; I'm jumping on the 'pick a word for the year' bandwagon. Like I said in my 2012 resolutions post (there's a linky party waiting there for you, btw), I believe in setting goals.

And this year, my goal is simple (not pun intended):

I want to simplify my life.

In case you are new around here, 2011 was not my best year.
It was filled with drama, frustration, and disappointment.
Of course, there were many good times too, they were just often overshadowed by the many things in life that sometimes make it so darn hard.

While I certainly am not in control, I have to believe there are some things I can do to make this a wee bit better and to steer 2012 in a direction that in no way resembles 2011.

Here are some ways in which I hope to simplify my life:

-less clutter and more tossing to the curb or donation location

-less committing to outside things that I do not HAVE to do and would have before said yes to simply because I was asked (for example, taking on extra responsibilities at work or in the community and religious organizations I so love). I will still be involved, but I will be more selective about over-extending myself.

-making an effort to not make things harder than they have to be. For example, picking up a little each day rather than wait until my house looks like it's been robbed before I start the clean-up process.

-Instead of doing five or so things, doing two or so things better.

-investing more in the friends that really matter.

-less television and more family time.

-less computer time and more time spent reading.

-making a point to go to bed earlier and get up earlier so as not to start my days off by wanting to pull my hair out one piece at a time.

-reminding myself that less is more.

-planning better in an attempt to not add any last minute stresses.

-working to keep my home more organized and not use up all of my organization skills in my classroom.

-keeping my priorities straighter than straight.

-less trying to please the masses and more trying to please the Master. The more time and effort I spend trying to live the way God wants me to live, the happier I am. It never fails. Funny how that works....

Have you chosen a word to focus on in 2012?
If so, do tell.

Happy Wednesday to you and you and you.

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  1. I've been living by this one for a while:
    less is more

    and it ALWAYS pans out to be the best choice.

    I liked reading your ways to simplify and hope to follow quite a few myself.

    We've been working on the declutter, because we really do not need it all. Feels so much better to donate to others that do!

  2. My word is order! For many of the same reasons as you! Here's to a simpler 2012!!

  3. ahhhh. Simple sounds wonderful! I love your blog **new follower**.
    I also linked up your new years resolution post, late but worth it, lol.

    My word(s): Let it be.
    Hardest thing ever for me to do.
    xoxo, Bree

  4. Just saw your comment on the farmers wife's blog! I'll be at C4C in march too! Look forward to following your blog and hopefully meeting you then!

  5. God has given me the word "embrace" for 2012!!! Excited to see how this year unfolds! :)


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