Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Busiest I Have Ever Been

Sweet, sweet summertime....filled with lazy, carefree days, popsicles, and sprinklers, right?
Negative, at least not at our house.

Seriously, in my thirty-one years,
 I don't ever recall being more busy than I have been the past two months or so.

And although we have found a little time to sneak in some t-ball games....

.....some sprinkler time....

....and some time to get our tan on.....

....We've mostly just been up to our eyeballs in busy.

Coming up next week in our little lives:

Wednesday- the almighty nerve burn (can you say, "Dreading this with every fiber of my being?")
Thursday- Libby leaves for summer camp AND we move
Friday- we close on the house (insert ecstatic cheers here)

So, if you need me, I'll be busy packing....and packing.....and packing some more.
And if you thought moving was super dooper fun before, you should try moving with a messed up back.
Let me just say that the fun never ends at our house.

Oh, and did I mention that our computer died?
Excellent timing.
So in case my blogging wasn't sporadic enough,
please bare with me until we get a chance to go computer shopping.

And don't forget about us, mkay?

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