Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012: What I Read and What I Wrote

I read ALMOST everything on my 2012 reading list, and read almost twice as many books as I did last year. Apparently, my love for Karen Kingsbury hasn't gone anywhere, although this year I did make an effort to read more books with bigger meanings, books I could learn from and grow from. I also read several books that are parts of trilogies, making my 2013 reading list already filled with books that I am itching to get my hands on.

Here they are in no particular order, but I did rate them with the five stars system in case you're thinking about checking some of them out in the future.

Books that changed me:

Redeeming Love (Blogged about it here) *****
7 (Blogged about it here) *****
Crazy Love (Blogged about it here)*****
Bloom (Blogged about it here)*****
When Helping Hurts (Blogged about it here)*****

Books that entertained me:
Matched (Blogged about it here)***
Longing (Blogged about it here)****
The Best of Me (Blogged about it here)*
Clockwork Angel (Blogged about it here****
My Top Favorites for the Year:

My top favorite posts from this year: 

While I didn't necessarily write MORE posts this year than I did last year, I do feel like I wrote more QUALITY posts this year than I did last year.
Yay for quality over quanity.

What did YOU read last year that you loved??? 
Still putting the finishing touches on my list for 2013.

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If you need me, I'll be busy trying to figure out how this little girl is possibly ready to turn three on Saturday. That can't be real life, right?

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  1. :-) I wish we lived in the same town so we could get together at Starbucks and gush about what we're reading. I read Redeeming Love way back and liked it. Read 7 and Crazy Love last year and LOVED them. Read Half the Sky (stunning) and Radical within the past month. How Helping Hurts is on my list. I'm gonna have to go catch up on all your book reviews. So what's on the list for this year? :-)


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