Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lookin' Good, My Friends

Oh, Noonday, you make my already good lookin' friends look even better!

Speaking of Noonday, my spring calendar is FILLING UP FAST! 
If you'd like to schedule a trunk show in Mississippi, please let me know. I'd LOVE to come style you and your friends! And based on the few sneak peeks I've seen of the spring line, get ready girls! It looks AMAZING!
And if you're NOT in Mississippi, no worries! I know some of the most amazing, world changing girls ever across the country who would love to come and help you host a show!

And if shopping online is your thing, you can do that too. 
Here's the magic link to the Noonday goodness. 

Here's hoping your Thursday is the best of the best. 
We're up to our eyeballs in My Little Ponies at my house. 

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  1. love your blog (: and your layout is adorable.

    hope you're having a wonderful weekend!



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