Thursday, January 24, 2013

Confessions 101: Nothing But the Truth

Confessions 101: 

1. I never (repeat never) get ready before taking Libby to school. This means I drive in my jammers and pray like crazy that I don't have a wreck and am forced to stand on the side of the road in slippers and a t-shirt circa 1995.

2. So we made Hollyn give her pacis to Santa. Talked it up for months. And then she got the flu the week of Christmas, so we let her keep one in exchange for our sanity. We vowed that it would magically disappear after New Year's Eve. Here we are, January 24th, and I can't take it away. Not because I'm sentimental or don't want to hurt her feelings (it is, in fact, in her best interest to NOT go to kindergarten or college with a paci in her mouth), but because I need sleep. Terrible, I know.

3. If I am at home and do not need to be somewhere within an hour, you can guarantee that I am in my jammers. I can't stand to get dressed and sit around. If I'm showered and dressed, I feel an overwhelming urge to get out of the house.

4. One night in college, I was having a really bad day. By 'day', I mean month. And my best friends, in  an attempt to make me feel better, asked me what they could do, what would make me feel better. My answer? The beach. So we loaded up, drove all night, spent breakfast in the sand, and drove back. True story.

5. At the age of thirty-three, I still eat spaghetti-o's on a regular basis and turn up my nose at broccoli ...and brussel sprouts....and asparagus....and lima beans....and salad...and a lot of other things.

6. When I see a daddy loving on his little girl, it makes me long for something I never had. Not in a jealous kind of way, but in an 'I truly hope she realizes that is special and appreciates it' kind of way.

7. My car? We bought it on E-bay. For real.

8. In my opinion, watching 'The Goonies' while sipping on a fountain coke is an ideal Friday night.

9. I am genuinely disappointed when I finish a good book. While reading the last Harry Potter book for the first time, I literally forced myself to take a thirty minute break before starting the last hundred pages. I just didn't want it to be over....I still don't want it to be over.

10. I like my music loud. Real loud. Like you can't hear over it to have a conversation kind of loud. And apparently Libby likes her music that way too. Whoops.

11. Sometimes I seriously wish I could wear my daughters' clothes. They are just so darn cute. Totally not fair.

12. The other night I dreamed I went to the movies, met Katie Holmes, and became her bff. It was awesome.

13. Sometimes I just don't cook dinner. Instead, we eat like scavengers on whatever we can find. I like to think of it as 'creative dinner-ing'. This may or may not be the case in my house tonight; I'll never tell.

14. I can talk to you for hours on end about Africa, orphan care, and the poverty crisis, but ask me about reality television and I will just smile and nod. Ain't nobody got time for that.

15. I'd rather eat dirt than have my picture taken.

16. Three years ago, I had a conversation with a friend. She asked me where I'd want to go if I could go anywhere. Africa didn't even enter my mind. In fact, I distinctly remember thinking NOT Africa. My how things can change.

17. I honestly hate my hair. We're talking true detest here. It's horrid. So on the rare occasion that someone tells me she likes it or that it's great, I momentarily question her tastes..and perhaps her sanity. And no, that's not my real hair in the picture at the start of this post. But I kind wish it was.

18. Handwritten notes, coffee, and meaningful conversations pretty much sum up my love language.

19. I played John Mayer, James Taylor, and The Beatles for Libby while she in my belly. She now loves all three. Coincidence? I think not.

20. I'd rather wear a t-shirt, jeans, and my green Converses than just about anything else. You can keep your heels and skirts. I'm perfectly content dressing like a teenage boy, thanks.

Enough about me. Now it's your turn. I'm a t-total funk today, and comments make this girl H A P P Y. Leave a confession in the comments. Do it for me. 
Feeling brave? Leave your name. 
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  1. none of my kids have pants on right now. that's right. none.

  2. oh - and number 3. yes. but by "getting dressed" I'm sure that, like me, you meant throwing on yoga pants and heading out the door with no make up and wet hair? yeah. I thought so.

  3. I just waited outside of the gym for thirty min waiting on a friend instead of going inside and working out. typical.

    I refuse to eat popcorn without m&ms.

    I obsessively listen to the Wicked soundtrack and envision myself being the star.

    Every time I am jamming to a song in the car, I turn it down and act "normal" when I am passing someone or at a red light. Once passed, PARTY ON!

  4. I love to sing obnoxiously and dance in the car, especially at stop lights. Favorite artists? Mariah Carey and Kelly Clarkson! I have no shame. In 7th grade my friends and I made up a dance to Wreckx-in-Effect's Rump Shaker. Pretty sure I can still remember every move and will gladly repeat it on demand! I'm 32 years old and had my first pedicure 3 years ago... still have never had a manicure. Nope, never, not even on my wedding day. Once, when I was 36 weeks pregnant, I sat in a hammock and broke it. Had to go to the ER because the hammock pole smacked me in the head and explain to everyone that I was so fat that I broke the hammock...

  5. Oh boy, I bet I've set myself up for a Rump Shaker dance routine demonstration if we ever meet at an ambassador retreat or something!!

  6. 1. I ADORE getting dressed up and wearing high heals.. right now I'm loving Tom's wedges.. wore a pair today

    2. On the same note, I'd slap on a formal dress, get my hair done WAY big, put on lots of make -up and be a homecoming maid at the drop of a hat...

    3. If I could play basketball one more time, I'd play with reckless abandon!!!

    4. My husband is the neat freak who cooks most of our meals.. I on the other hand love a good pile.. a pile of Bible study... a pile of well -read books.. a pile of school work.. piles don't bother me :)

    5. As much as I love books, the kindle is one of the best inventions ever... like seriously.. I know.. it's terrible for an English teacher to say

    6. There's one you may not be expecting ... I'd drop my life (meaning my house, job, clothes, etc) if God told me to.. I mean in a heartbeat... that's where I am now.. obedience .. no matter what.. scary.. yes.. exciting .. yes..

    7. I'm praying like crazy for God to open doors for me to shower His love on my students.. and anyone else I come in contact with.. and He's opening doors.. 5 years ago I would have been scared.. silly I know but you want honesty

    8. For as loud and crazy as I am, I'm really waaaaay more withdrawn than most would think...

    How's that for a few confessions... I'm sure if I thought longer, my list could go on and on, but my phone might die..

    PS... I love you!!!
    <3 Shonna

  7. 1. I love sci-fi like a nerdy little boy. i enjoyed every minute of watching star trek and battlestar galactica on netflix with my husband. its my little secret that i am such a sic-fi nerd.

    2. I love when my kids go to bed at night, love it. And then I miss them after like 2 hours.

    3. Up until yesterday morning you couldn't have convinced me to have a 3rd baby. But after a 30 min discussion with my husband and a text or two from a friend I stopped taking the pill last night and am planning on baby 3! Seriously changed my mind in about an hour and a half. Its all God!

    4. I scared to read Jen Hatmaker's book 7 because I am feeling really selfish right now and I don't want to give up any of my stuff, even for a week.

    5. I also don't have "leave the house" clothes on unless I am about to actually leave the house! I pretty much walk in the door and put on my fav sweatpants.

    6. The other day when it snowed I made the excuse that I wanted to make breakfast only because I didn't want to get wet and cold playing in the snow. Then my sweet 3 year old asked me "mommy, why you didn't come out with us?" Yup, over here...that's me...the jerk mom.

    7. I can be crazy insecure about how I interact with people. I question "did I say that right" "did I say too much, too little" etc. I don't think people realize that about me though, I generally act pretty confident.

    8. I can decide a paint color for a room, a meal for dinner, new shoes, etc. in like a minute but tell me to find a movie to watch....can't decided.

    9. I absolutely can not answer hypothetical questions. Ever. It drives my husband crazy. I need all the emotions surrounding it, options, gotta have all the information.

  8. a. I thought for a slight moment that the picture at the top of this post was Rachel. :) honest.
    b. I have a serious problem with things that end in 7 or 9. I avoid these things at all costs - ie: I would never get in check-out line 19 or take dinner out of the oven at 5:17....and heaven forbid leave the tv volume on 27.
    c.Three things I hate more than anything...mayonaise, shaving my legs, throw up.
    d. I own one bra and don't always wear it. They are expensive and uncomfortable and I don't need the dang thing anyway.
    e. (promise you will still be my friend.....) I don't read. I can count on my two hands the books I've read COMPLETELY. Cliff's Notes, and brainy, book worm sister were my best friends in high school. I have LISTENED to the entire Alex Cross series by James Patterson on cd.
    f. I have a slight obsession with how Tim Tebowe licks his lips during an interview.
    g. The conversation I had with you until 5 o'clock in the morning was a seed in my growing heart.
    h. I could do this all night, but Reed just started Criminal Minds from last night on the DVR...If I wasn't afraid of bad guys, didn't hate blood, or despise reading, I could be a great FBI agent.

    LOVE YOU! Thank you for the role you are playing in my LIFE!!!

  9. -I met husband while drunk dialing an ex boyfriend. Twice. In one night. At 2am. True story.

    -He was doing homework. I had failed to study for a text the next day. We still operate this way.

    -I make my children eat (mostly) healthy foods. And I prepare (mostly) healthy food. But I slip junk food in all day long for me. This has to stop soon. The old metabolism ain't what she used to be.

    -I too am a pjs kind of girl. I will sometimes wear them all day after a shower, sleep in them and then wear them all day the next day. Yes, that's 36 (sometimes +) that I'm wearing the same thing straight. Don't tell anyone.

    -I grew up in the last capital of The Confederacy. And now, I want to add a black baby to my family. I'm SO scandalous.

  10. ok, now that I've gotten to a computer, I'm hoping my comment won't be deleted.

    1. I buy candy corn and hide it from my kids. I mean, it's bad for their teeth, right?
    2. Once, while 10 months pregnant with twins (not really, but close enough), my driver's side car door handle broke. I bout went into labor trying to get me and my fat belly over the gear shift in order to get out the passengers side. I know you're thinking "Why didn't she just roll the window down and open the door from the outside? duh?" I honestly was not that smart.
    3. I'm very OCD when it comes to having things in their place.....everything has a home. I'm a very routine person.
    4. I eat ketchup on everything; including peas, cornbread, you name it.
    5. My husband was graduating from high school when I was going into kindergarten. I kid you not.
    6. I love my church family and don't know what I'd do without a group of people to surround me with their love and prayers....and people who are there for me when I need them. I'm one blessed girl.

  11. 1. I can't do any work until I'm completely dressed in an outfit and have my makeup done. I do all my work from my couch. I don't get out often. But yet the outfits are necessary.
    2. I know the theme song to every TV show that I watch, and I HAVE to sing it every time I hear it.
    3. On Thanksgiving, the dish that I was most excited about eating was the brussel sprouts.
    4. I can burp louder than any guy I know.
    5. My doppleganger is Bernadette from the TV show The Big Bang Theory.
    6. Zachary Levi is my biggest celebrity crush. If anyone knows him, please introduce me.
    7. I think I have mouth dyslexia, aka sometimes I say all the right syllables of a sentence, but the letters are all jumbled up. Or I say the complete opposite word of what I was thinking.

  12. 1. I am a huge scifi geek. I can even beat my husband in Star Wars trivial pursuit.
    2. I am a fanatic reader. If it is a great book, I will read all night to finish it.
    3. I also wear pjs to drop off line at school, usually slippers too. I have had to get out dressed like that to get a stuck backpack out of the back seat.
    4. I love football and baseball. I don't watch them often because I get too involved in the game.
    5. I taught my kids the electric slide. My neighbor caught me and laughed.
    6. I will admit that my kids get it from me. All of it. My husband was quiet and shy when we met. I'm what happened to him. Sorry y'all.

  13. 1. I have a new and profound appreciation for the urge to poop. It means I have an excuse to lock myself in a room completely by myself for at least five minutes, and let's face it....that's likely the only five minutes of alone time I'll get all day.

    2. I love my gym because they have excellent child care. They also have free Wi-fi and coffee. I sometimes (okay, often) put on workout clothes, drop my toddler in the nursery, and then work on the computer for a couple of hours. I splash water on my face from the fountain to look like sweat before I pick up the kiddo.

    3. My idea of romantic evening is climbing into bed with my super-hot husband and.....playing Words with Friends while trash-talking one another under the covers. H-O-T, y'all.

    4. I used to carry specialized pacifier-cleansing wipes. Now, when she chunks that thing into the floor at Kroger, I scan to see if anyone's watching. If not, as long as it didn't land in a visible pile of filth, she gets the paci back.

    5. I completely STINK at backing up. I have backed into a parked car in my driveway. Twice.

  14. Here goes...

    1. If I have cash, I have to keep it in order not only by denomination, but by serial number. I know. Bad.
    2. I can recite every word to every single episode of Friends. I love it, and I miss it dearly. I am watching it on Nick at Nite as I type this.
    3. I could watch Christmas Vacation every single day. It never gets old.
    4. I love listening to Frank Sinatra. It soothes me.
    5. I am probably one of very few people that can step out of the shower with my face completely dry. I HATE getting my face wet; always have, always will.
    6. I don't know how to swim...almost as bad as McCall not knowing how to ride a bike. ;)
    7. When I see my husband with our two girls all cuddled up, I find it incredibly sexy. I melt.
    8. I can only eat bite size candies in even numbers and by color. I can only mix colors when I get down to the last few.
    9. Hearing someone use the "R" word when trying to insult someone's (or their own) intelligence makes me cringe. It is a lesson that I hope all of my students of the past ten years remember more than any other.
    10. I love taffy. I think the ridiculously bad jokes are hilarious! "Why did the gum cross the road......because it was stuck to the chicken's foot!" BAHAHAHAHA!
    11. The greasier the cheeseburger the better.
    12. I can drink a hot flat Diet Coke with no problem, but I also love a fountain Diet Coke! The hubs knows this and always surprises me with one when I need it most.
    13. When the windows are open in my classroom, they all have to be open to the same height. My students know this, and they change them up just to see me squirm.
    14. I just had to re-type the word "squirm" about 6 times.
    15. I have unbelievable road rage. My five year old calls me out on it all the time. I need to work on it.

  15. 1. I make my boys eat veggies and fruits at almost every meal...but can't remember the last day I ate the recommended servings of either in a day.
    2. I buy candy...and hide it.
    3. I once drove 35 minutes JUST for a piece of strawberry cake.
    4. Sometimes I buy candy and eat it in the car before I leave the parking lot.
    5. If I could stay in my pjs all day, I would...every day.
    6. I avoid conflict at all costs. It makes me physically sick to my stomach.
    7. I watch more sporting events than my husband.
    8. I was 36 before I got my first passport.
    9. When I was pregnant with my first child. I ate breakfast at home (in Louisville) and then got donuts when I got to Starkville.
    10. I hate the alarm clock. Without it, I will wake up at a "normal" time. With it, I will hit snooze until I am crazy late for whatever.

    Love you, McCall! Thanks for helping us all feel better! So thankful you are in my life!

  16. -I HATE uneven numbers.
    -I separate skittles into groups by color.
    -I have always wanted to take karate classes.
    -I LOVE watching shows like Dance Moms,Keeping Up with The Kardashians and Cheer Perfection.
    -I love to read.
    -I am a very fast reader.
    -I frequently break it down when I think it is safe.
    -I am a horrible judge as to WHEN it is actually safe to break it down as I have gotten caught numerous times.
    -I am addicted to chapstick and cough drops, especially the strawberry kind.
    -I can still do the splits and am secretly pumped that I can.

  17. Here goes nothing or everything:
    1-I must sleep with an extremely OLD butterfly quilt that is basically turning to dust Bc of its age.. its just so comfy. 20 yr olds have security blankets right?
    2-I'm a hershey's cookies & cream addict. And coffee. And cupcakes. And most sweets. I have sweet teeth, not a sweet tooth.
    3-I fell twice face first on my knees last Sunday. Bruises and scrapes now adorn my body.
    4-I have to set at least 4 alarms each day to wake up!
    5-I can watch Gilmore girl's. Over and over. And over.
    6-I'm hiding wedding magazines in my closet Bc I cant wait until my non existent wedding.
    7-often I forget to brush my teeth. So I keep gum in my backpackers, purse, etc.
    8-I once went in a men's restroom in walmart. Awkward. I now check the door every time
    9- I stink at keeping a check book.
    10-once when babysitting, I used dawn on the dishwasher resulting in a massive amount of suds on the floor.
    11-I get extremely emotional talking about my babysitting kiddos. Clearly they need to be in college with me.
    12-on my first date with my fella(Jamie) I wore a mickey mouse shirt & didn't talk at all when we talked about "us" clearly he loved that and it worked.
    & my big finish: 13-my cat gave birth to a kitten. On my bed. While I was in it. Asleep. And our lights were out. So yeah.

    There I'm done. Feels good to let all of that out;) love you McCall!

  18. 1- I hate wearing pants... yup, not even a little bit. most people that come by the house randomly have to wait at the door for me to put pants on.
    2- I really wish all my tv's would be thrown in the trash. I would much rather listen to music and do art projects.
    3- I can remember multiple sets of numbers, but I can't remember most people's names.
    4- I never do anything "properly" in life.... didn't graduate high school but went to college, lived with my husband and got pregnant before getting married, and had two babies in two years.
    5- I was very upset when I found out my second was a boy.....still wish I had a girl, but love him very much!
    6- I skied into a ski lift pole because I thought I didn't need lessons my first time skiing.
    7- I dated my husband's brother first.
    8- When I pay for things full price, I feel like I got ripped off. All things should be on sale!
    9- I love to move new places. If it was up to me, I would move every year.
    10- When I first got married, I put potato peels down the garbage disposal...resulting in my husband taking the pipes apart under the sink.

  19. I stayed up all night watching Breaking Dawn and Bones when I should have been writing a paper.

    I play a mean air guitar.

    I do the go to school in pajamas/yoga pants thing. Only, I'm not dropping off any children, I'm actually the one attending.

    I suck at grammar and continually get it wrong on assignments even though I had a pretty great English teacher. It's not her fault. I just can't seem to remember it.

    Until nursing school I thought tourniquets were for opening stubborn jars and bottles. I blame my mom.

    I organize m&ms by color and then eat the colors in alphabetical order, two at a time. If I have an odd number I throw the odd one away.

    I hate socks. My feet are the worst smelling things ever because of I febreeze my shoes everytime I take them off.

    I can eat a whole bag of chocolate in one sitting if I allow myself.

    I miss going to the pediatric dentist.

    I have WAY too many posts on my pinterest wedding board. I'm not even engaged. It's an obsession. It's sick. I need help.

    Even though the above is true, I'm terrified of marriage. Like cry and panic when I think about it too long.

    We learned about childbirth in class this week and I think I love my mom like a thousand times more now for going through that. If you are a mom, you should walk around in a superhero cape. It's appropriate.

    I love surprises but I love surprising others more than being surprised.

    Mail makes me smile all. day. long. I love mail. I wish I got more of it.

    I know every word to every Beastie Boys song ever.

    I learn rap songs on long car trips alone to keep myself awake.

    I can't sleep in the dark. I hate it.

    Traffic brings out my dirty sailor mouth. It's offensive. I'm ashamed.

  20. Yeah, so when I was three years old, curiosity didn't kill the cat, but it did almost kill my finger. My mom was shelling peas, and I, of course, thought my finger was a pea pod. I most definitely stuck in my finger into the sheller, but luckily, I only have a small scar/battle wound to show for it.

    French fries taste better two at a time and plain. Unless they are Chick-fil-a. Then they have to be smothered in Chick-fil-A sauce. And if I am eating in the car, I will ALWAYS stop chewing whenever I pass or get stopped beside another car. Mid-chew. Always. Never fails.

    Scared. Of. Frogs. Do not let them come near me. Even if it is only a picture.

    Medicine freaks me out. Always scared mixing them will cause negative reactions.

    I know every word to every Taylor Swift and 'N Sync song. No shame in my game.

    Socks suck. No one likes it when I take my shoes off.

    Pitch Perfect, Sound of Music, etc.? Yes, I definitely sing my way through those entire movies.

    Love/hate relationship with my hair. It's thick. And curly. And frizzy. And it likes attention from a flat iron or a curling iron.

    World's worst procrastinator.

    Odd numbers freak me out. EVERYTHING MUST BE EVEN. The radio volume, TV volume, pieces of turkey on my sandwich, etc.

    Speaking of sandwiches, I only eat turkey sandwiches at a deli. Please don't try to talk me into any other type of meat. It won't work.

    It is one of the best feelings in the world to know that I am exactly where God wants me to be. I have the job that I was made for, and literally, sometimes I sit in my office and squeal silently to myself because I am so happy with my life.

    I. Am. So. Awkward. But coffee makes it better because I talk non-stop whether you like it or not. That is definitely my cure for awkwardness when I attend recruiting events.

    Office supplies, chacos, sweatshirts, chocolate chip cookies <3 <3 <3

    Best part of driving somewhere? Concerts in the car with the volume and my voice turned all the way up.

    I think old couples still in love are the cutest thing ever.

  21. Sharry Adams LehmanJanuary 25, 2013 at 5:39 PM

    1.) I too am a pajama queen. The first thing I do when I get home is take off my makeup and change into PJs. I do not go to work in PJ's because it's "frowned upon," but totally would if I could.
    2.) I sometimes secretly dance in the bathroom at work. Dancing is a great stress reliever, and well sometimes you just gotta dance! (I've never told anyone this...ever...not a single soul.)
    3.) I totally belt out the tunes in the car & I don't care who sees me.
    4.) Expiration dates are just suggestions. If it's not growing mold, changing color, or smelling funny, I'll probably eat it. (Hasn't killed me yet!)
    5.) Sometimes I buy candy to keep at work so I don't have to share with my husband 'cause he'll eat it all in one sitting.
    6.) I'm a sucker for freebies. I'll often buy something I don't really need/want just because I get something for free. I'm a sucker for the "Buy this, get all this for free" meal deals at Winn Dixie. Yes, I know the item you're buying costs more than at other stores....but you get "ALL THIS" for FREE! It's a sickness.
    7.) I miss college. I'd go back and do it all again in a heartbeat!
    8.) I often feel like I've lost my best friends when I finish a really good book.
    9.) I'm awful at keeping in touch with friends. I tend to pull away when things are going bad, but that's really when you need your friends the most. This is a major character flaw. I'm working on it.
    10.) I have baby fever REALLY bad. I know it's not in the cards for me right now, but that doesn't mean I want a baby any less.

  22. The anticpation is over. Here ya go:

    Tim Tebow has been my iPhone’s background for over a year.

    My parents are my best friends. Truly.

    My brother, Ben, is Autistic, and it terrifies me to think about what Ben’s life would be like if something were to happen to my parents. I’m not a good enough sister.

    I am perpetually early. Like 15 to 20 minutes early.

    I try to present myself as a scholarly person, but I will read any teen-driven novel you place before me.

    I will never master the art of flirting. Ever. This is a fact I’ve come to accept.

    Classes started this past Tuesday. I have three classes with this guy, who, of course, is cute. Naturally, I think we’re going to get married. Also, we’ve never talked. I don’t know his name, and he doesn’t know my name.

    I try my hardest to make everyone believe that I dislike Taylor Swift and her music, but sometimes, Taylor Swift’s music is everything I need.

    I despise ‘going out.’ Thankfully, my friends are content with hanging out and watching movies.

    If you fall, I’m going to laugh. If an 80-year-old man falls, I’m still probably going to laugh. It’s a problem.

    At this point in my life, I’m not at all scared of my future.

    When I think about life after college, I generally don’t daydream about my future husband and white, picket fences. Instead, I daydream about living in a cozy apartment in an unknown city.

    If I ever met Mindy Kaling, I am certain we would be best friends.

    Give me peanut butter or give me death.

    I am a horrible person in the morning, and I make no apologies for my behavior.

    The weight listed on my driver’s license has never been accurate and will never be accurate. Count on it.

    I am absolutely, positively obsessed with stationary.

    My dream job would be to own a coffee shop/book store duo. This terrifies my dad.

    I think McCall Aldridge is pretty, stinkin' awesome :)

  23. I'll try this!
    1. I seriously watched Pitch Perfect everyday for like 2 weeks after it came out...and I may or may not have seen it in theaters 3 times.
    2. I like to dance in my house while playing music really loudly on my iHome.
    3. The first movie I ever cried during was Flubber. I mean, c'mon! Webo got hit with a baseball bat!
    4. I secretly want to be an awesome salsa dancer.
    5. I rap Lecrae songs in my car.
    6. I have been out of college for 2 years and I still get excited when I see owls. My tribe ruined me on that for life.
    7. Procrastinator=me.
    8. Shawn Johnson favorited one of my tweets one day and I literally squealed like a small child.
    9. My favorite time of the day is when I put my pjs on. Why? 2 reasons: a. They are pjs, aka the most comfortable attire on the planet and b. it's the only time of day when no bra is required.
    10. I still like to play with play dough and I just learned how to jump rope this year. Living the toddler dream.
    11. I despise the Twilight series, but I want to be best friends with Harry, Ron and Hermione.
    12. My shoes, particularly flats, will always stay on my feet in public. After they get worn a few times, they don't smell very good anymore, to out it lightly.
    13. I could watch House, NCIS, Bones and Gilmore Girls everyday.
    14. I asked my sister if my nephews could be my valentines so I wouldn't have to celebrate Single Awareness Day alone.
    15. I pay close attention to what people's teeth look like.

  24. 1. I am the WORST at social media. I seriously shouldn't be my age.

    2. I am a HUGE hypocrite when it comes to what I tell young minds. "Get out there and live your life to the fullest! God has great plans for you! Risk it and don't be afraid to fail in order to succeed!" ...while I sit here behind a computer all day working only to make other people look smart and wasting my own gifts and talents.

    3. I buy my child's toys according to what I WANT to play with.

    4. I have not talked to my father since Dec. 19, 2011. That was also the last (and only) time he met my daughter.

    5. I am so scared to fail that I don't even try nowadays. You can't fail when you're a mom, I mean, is it even acceptable?


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