Monday, October 29, 2012

True Beauty: The Women of Malawi

I am still in a jet-lagged state of mind, but I am DYING to share with you about Malawi. 
To say that I had a wonderful time simply doesn't do it justice.
 In fact,  I had one of the grandest adventures I have ever had. 

And one of the things that stuck out to me the most was the beauty found in the women of Malawi. 
Perhaps it's because I can most closely relate to them that gives them such a special place in my heart. 

Whatever the reason, I so enjoyed these little moments, such as......

...seeing a woman's reaction after seeing a picture of herself for the very first time. 

......talking to a woman about how she gathers the water she will need to provide for her family and the families of those in her village. 

....sharing stories of marriage and motherhood with this beautiful lady, 

....and bonding over laughter. 

....being blessed with a peek at what daily life looks like for a woman in Malawi.

.....giggling over babies and how cute the tiny humans are. 

....recognizing the look on another woman's face and knowing that you've had that same look on more than one occasion. 

While I enjoyed the beautiful landscapes and the roadside adventures and waking up with the elephants, I think it was spending time with the woman of Malawi that I most enjoyed. 

There is something so universal about being a wife and a mother
 that even a language barrier can't compete with.


  1. Great perspective. I totally agree!

  2. I spent a couple of weeks in Malawi this summer and I couldn't agree more. I worked with the Africa Bible College. In fact, I won one of your giveaways for an Africa shirt right before I left. I love the people there. So beautiful!

  3. Oh how I envy the adventure God took you on. My fiancé and I have a goal to go on a mission trip in Africa once we are married. Thank you for sharing. Your pictures are gorgeous but your heart is overflowing with the love you shared to the women. You can just read it. :)

  4. You have such a wonderful heart, McCall. It has been such a beautiful thing to watch you fall in love with Africa. Also, I am loving that you have Forever Young playing on your page. Please tell me you are as big of a fan of Parenthood as I am.


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