Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Year 32: What I Learned

I turned thirty-three on Monday. 
Another year older and *ahem* wiser, right? 
Let's hope so. 
Thirty-two was a huge growing year for me. I learned so much about myself, about others, and about service. 
I also got a better idea of the person I hope to one day become. 

Here are some things I learned this past year:

*This year I learned that no matter how much we like to think we are in control, we simply aren't. 

*I learned that God is so much bigger than $7000. He will provide every single penny that is needed when you are truly trying to serve Him, as He did for us this spring and summer as we prepared to go to Uganda.

* I learned that sometimes unexpected adventures are the very best kind. 

*I learned that it's impossible to be everything to everyone. We have to make choices. We have to compromise. We have to say no sometimes. 

*I learned that people really, really, really like cake batter dip

*I learned that I have more self control than I ever thought possible. 

*I gained a whole new appreciation for moms with little ones in the hospital.

*I realized that sometimes we bring failure upon ourselves. We invite it into our lives and let it forward its mail to our houses. Boo on this. 

* I learned that sometimes it's okay to do things that are scary and out of our comfort zones

* I discovered that being patient is really, really hard for me. 

*I was reminded that motherhood is the most challenging and most rewarding job on the planet. 

* I learned that God calls us all to different things. What seems of the utmost importance to me, isn't even on someone else's radar. And when something is so important to you and not so important to those in your life, it can be extremely hard. It will hurt my feelings every single time.

*I saw firsthand the hardships others are facing every day and learned that somethings in life you will see and  never, ever forget. 

*I learned that I am extremely thankful that God is pushing me out of my comfort zone and breaking my heart for what breaks His. 

*And I was reminded that fear is a crazy, crazy thing. 

Most importantly, thirty-two for me was the year God really broke my heart for Africa. 
Can't wait to see what He does in year thirty-three. 

***And if you'd like to know what I learned in year thirty-one, you simply have to look here.***

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Here's hoping your year is fulling of learning, of growth, and of stepping out of your comfort zone. 

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