Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And Then She Was Three

I can't believe these words have come out of my mouth this week, but Hollyn is three. 

How did that even happen? 
Yesterday, she was so little...and now she's such a little person.

I've never been the mom who gets weepy about my girls growing up.
 I choose to view birthdays as the start of a new adventure. 

But this birthday made me a crying mess. 
We're talking ugly cry here, folks. 

There are no words to describe how much joy this little peanut has brought to my life. 

I didn't know she was missing from our family, but God did. 

And I am so madly in love with her that it hurts. 

She's the fixer in our family-- always working to make us happy and keep the peace. 

And I've never met a more mothering baby. 

She leaves a trail of joy wherever she goes. 

And I am so very blessed to be her mom....

....even if she doesn't sleep, refuses to eat her veggies, and tends to be a little overly sensitive a good bit of the time.

She has made our family better and has added so much happiness to our lives. 

Happy birthday, my little sunshine. 

***And a big congrats to Kara L. who won my Noonday giveaway! Kara, an e-mail is coming your way.***

Have you been following along with the Noonday blog train? I have LOVED reading the stories so far. 
In case you're just now joining in on the thirty-one days of inspirational posts and Noonday giveaways, here are links to yesterday's, today's, and tomorrow's posts. 

Happy Tuesday (aka Parenthood day) to you and you and you. 

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