Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's What Best Friends Do

In case you missed it, this past weekend Libby and I drove to the land of far, far away to have a much needed, long overdue girl's weekend.
It did not disappoint.
And while there are so many things I'm itching to share with you, the thing that stuck with me the most is what I leaned from watching Libby and her best friend, Lily.

A lesson in friendship awaits:

Best friends, after seeing each other for the first time in a long time, stay up way too late and wake up way too early....but there are hap,hap,happy just to be together.

Sometimes best friends hold hands for no reason other than the fact there are few things more comforting than the nearness of the one who knows you best.

Best friends always share, whether it's their time, their hardships, their joys, or their purses so they can look 'fancy' for church.

Some things (like parades) are naturally fun, but everything is more fun when shared with your best friend.

There is no such thing as 'wasted time' or 'being bored'
when your best friend is involved; simply being together is enough.

There is nothing funnier than best friends being completely themselves
when they are together...except maybe best friends being funny in the middle of the night. 

There are some things in life that only you
 and your best friend will ever fully understand.

The moments shared between true friends are priceless,and there is very little that can
 compare to the joy that comes from time together. 

Here's hoping we are reunited very, very soon.
Have you talked to your bestie today?

Today I'm linking this little post o' mine here.


  1. Cute!! And you're making me miss my best friend big time! :)

  2. this makes me miss all the great times in gradeschool! (lets just forget the acne and weird growth spurts haha)


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