Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Keepin' It Simple: The Party Edition

So, it's no secret I love a good party. 
I typically start planning birthday parties for my girls MONTHS in advance. It's neurotic, I know. 

I have just always loved the idea of a day that celebrates YOU-- your life and who you are becoming. 

So, I slave away and pull out all the stops. Need proof? 

Here you go: 

The trick to throwing a good party? 
Knowing your limits and using what you have!

While I am that mom who will stay up all night cutting my baby's little first year faces into circles and making sure the sprinkles look just right, I am NOT that mom who blows my budget on a party. 

If you look closely through these posts, you'll notice that I recycle. I reuse. I am the Dollar Tree's biggest fan. I make everything that I possibly can. I see it as a personal victory when I can get by with paying $50 total for a whole afternoon of memory making for my little one and her kiddos. 

I think so many people are intimidated by birthday parties because they think they have to fork over their child's college tuition in exchange for some favors and a fancy cake. 

If you look at my posts again, you'll see we don't do cakes-- we do cupcakes. They're cheaper, easier, quicker, and usually less messy. Also, I am more comfortable making cupcakes than real cakes.
 Again, using my gifts. 

And the trick to good favors? 
Incorporate them into your activity!

Libby's cake party? Take home cake they decorated with cake box. 
Hollyn's cookie party? A bag of homemade cookies. 
Libby's paint party? The owl they painted at the party. 
Libby's camping party? Thanks again, Dollar Tree. 

So, for Hollyn's third birthday party last week, I stuck to what I know and kept it simple. 

My girl wanted pink. Easy enough. 

Simple cupcakes dressed up a bit with a little quick and easy Pinterest project. 

Some cake batter dip (dyed pink for the occassion), some brownies, and some cupcakes-- Hollyn's three favorite food groups--- all made an appearance. 

Some balloon decorations and one cute three year old, and we were set. 

Simple as pie...the premade, add some water to this box of mix and pre-made shell kind. 

Need some party inspiration? 

So the lesson for today: 

Keep it simple. Keep it easy. Don't blow your budget.It's supposed to be a party, not a stress fest

Here's hoping your Wednesday is the bee's knees. 

And the Noonday Blog Train is still rolling. 
Check out yesterday's, today's, and tomorrow's posts (which will be up tomorrow...obviously). 


  1. are one talented lady! :) I love all the pictures of the parties you've had in the past. Planning a Birthday Party can definitely be stressful! I'm going to take a look at your Pinterest board! :) Have a great day!

  2. Really cute!! I bet she had a great day!!

  3. You throw the BEST parties. I mean, I've never actually attended one of them, but I just KNOW...


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