Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lovin' Lately

I've been doing a little of smiling here lately. 
Here are of few of the reasons why: 

This Etsy shop. My friend Leita is so stinkin' talented. Anyone gettin' hitched soon? Check her out!

This super cute child's journal. I'm thinking Libby needs this, yes?

This song from T. Swift's new album. Makes me wanna shake my junk, if you know what I mean.

This awesome shirt. I'm totally diggin' it.

This amazing post from the talented Jen Hatmaker. Love her.

This fantastic blog...this mama is so inspiring.

This lipstick. It makes my lip feel like butter. And I mean that in the best possible way.

This nail polish. Color of choice? Au natural.

Rewatching all the Harry Potter movies.... and the fact that my mom has recently hopped on the HP train. Welcome aboard, Mom.

Borrowing Libby's new Kindle Fire when she's sleeping. I may just have a future at the Brave version of Temple Run. I'm thinking I may go pro any day now...

The fact that I can't get enough globes in my house. Seriously-- have one stashed in your attic? Send it my way. I'll love it all day, every day.

What are YOU loving these days???? 

Oh, and a little THANK YOU before I go: 

- Thanks to all of you who follow me on facebook. Hit the 200 likes mark yesterday. Wowzers. 

-Thanks to the seven mamas who have already signed up to guest post during my I AM THAT MOM series, coming your way the first week of February. Get excited. These women are all kinds of awesome. 


  1. Awesome list! The link is now hosted at my friends blog that I share the link to at the bottom of my post. I've linked you up. Xkristy

  2. Hey great to have you link up over at my place - nice to meet you! Great list of loves too!

  3. awesome list of lovings!!!
    I'm a HP fruit loop myself, totally loving re-watching them over and over!

  4. Love the nail polish site, some very gorgeous colours. Popped over from Things I'm Loving to say hi - hi!

  5. Loving this post! Looking into some of those on your list!


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