Monday, January 28, 2013

Seriously Amazing

You know those people who totally inspire you to do and be better? 
Me too. 
And although we've never met, Rebecca Kuntz is one of those people for me. 
Today's her birthday (happy birthday, Rebecca!), and she's doing some pretty amazing things to celebrate turning twenty. 
Here is her story: 

Hello everyone! My name is Rebecca Kuntz I am 19 years old and a sophomore at DePaul University majoring in Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies with a focus on African aid/development. After graduating high school in June 2011 I hopped on a plane to Ghana, West Africa to volunteer with a non profit called Light for Children for 3 months. Light for Children envisions a future where children in Ghana have healthy, happy and productive lives which enables them to realize and pursue their full potential. During my stay I lived with a local host family, ran a sexual assault prevention program, taught at a free summer school, worked in orphanages, sought sponsorship for HIV positive children, filmed and photographed, produced my own documentary film, and most of all, fell in love with Africa and service. My eyes were opened to the beautiful children of Ghana and some major issues they were facing. I met hundreds of children who all expressed a want and a need for a place where they could have access to computers, books, extra curricular classes, but most of all, a safe space where they could learn. 


I came back to the US in September 2011 and started college, but my dreams for this "safe space" grew. After a year of planning, dreaming, and compiling ideas with Light for Children, we finalized plans for the Education Center. This is our dream. 

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On January 28th, 2013 I turn 20 years old. For past birthdays I've asked for cameras, laptops, iPods, clothing, and shoes. But this birthday is different, I don't want any technology or fashion items, I only want one thing.
I want to fund the ENTIRE Education Center construction. This is my birthday wish.


Here's how WE're gonna make it happen: The physical structure of the Education Center will cost $20,000 to build. This builds the foundation, walls, roof, doors, windows, porches, toilets, and offices. $20,000 will get the building in tip-top shape and ready to install electricity/internet and computers and books and such. $20,000 is A LOT of money. But I know that together we can do this. We can build this Center and bring so much hope and opportunity to this community. The math behind this fundraiser is very easy. simple 20dollars How long will the fundraiser last? The fundraiser will last for 20 days, from January 28th to Feburary 17th. (The PayPal donation account is open, so you may donate before the fundraiser officially starts!) This means that I have to raise $1,000 per day to reach the goal of $20,000. Where can I donate? You may donate through PayPal below.
If you would like to write a check, please make it out to "Rebecca Kuntz" with "20for20" in the memo line, and send it to: Rebecca Kuntz 5332 Fair Elms Avenue Western Springs, IL 60558 For more information, photos, and blog posts visit
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Told ya she was amazing. 
Help her reach her dream? 
Fingers are crossed for her birthday wish to come true!

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  1. What an AWESOME girl! (:
    Her service and dedication are totally amazing.




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