Thursday, April 21, 2011

So You Missed that Memo, Did Ya?

After finding this on my den floor.....

...I'm guessing my dog somehow missed the memo that you're not supposed to take pills that haven't been prescribed to you.

Perhaps he has a backache too?
Or maybe some sympathy pain?
Good thing the bottle is dog-proof as well as child-proof.

By the way, this time last year (the Thursday before Easter, not so much this exact date last year), I was headed to see Eric Hutchinson.  You can read this post here.
And yet today I'm shopping for pants for my granny (don't ask), shoveling Peeps into mouth like I'm getting paid for it (which would be awesome, yes?), sporting my glasses and curly hair (which, btw, my hair still semi-too short for this since donating it after Christmas), and wishing I were somewhere special.
My how a year changes things.

Are you supporting a Peeps addiction too?

Have a great night, and remember to hide your meds...from your dog.

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  1. McCall! Monty used to do the same exact thing with med bottles when he was a puppy! He would go out of his way to steal them! One unfortunate day, he managed to chew the plastic cap off. Turns out he didn't touch a single pill, but the bottle was destroyed. Strange things puppies do... Happy Easter!


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