Friday, April 22, 2011

The Past Twenty-Four Or So

First things first, Happy Good Friday.

Next, see this shirt?

It's my new favorite. The proceeds went to help a family in Texas fund their adoption, and I'm thinking that gives it two steps up on the cool scale. If you'd like to learn more about the McKeaiggs, you can follow their story here or here.

Moving on....

have you ever seen a bunny cuter than this?

I'm thinking probably not.
And this little bunny happens to be loved... a whole heap of a lot...and not just by the fam.

Last week, our precious friend Lenzie, who will be accompanying Kristen to Africa this summer, sent Libby flowers.

And then yesterday, the Libster got a little something in the mail:

My super thoughtful friend, Allison, sent her this little happy in the hopes of helping Libby forget about her skin for a even a wee little moment.

Can I just say that true friends are one of my favorite things about life?
I am so blessed and thankful in the friend department.

Know what else I'm thinking for?
My springtime vice:

In case there's any question, that would be a vanilla coke from Sonic and peeps, one of the greatest candies ever invented, second only to the magic that is commonly referred to as candy corn.

But yesterday, there was no vice needed.
Libby provided plenty of entertainment and distraction when she decided it was part of her role as the big sister to introduce Hollyn to playing in the mud.

Here she is prior to the incident:

And here she is after the incident:

Funny thing is, even covered in dirt, she's still so stinkin' adorable.

And this is what guilty looks like:

Here's hoping your Friday was top notch.

What's the Easter Bunny bringing to YOUR house this weekend????

You can read about what he brought to us in 2010 , and here you'll find the recipe for the empty tomb Easter cookies.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend, lovelies.

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