Friday, April 2, 2010

If she wants to rock, she rocks....

Ok, so those who know me well know how much I LOVE music, especially live music. So, when my friend Kristen called and invited me to a free, outdoor Eric Hutchinson concert, I couldn't possibly resist. If you haven't heard of Eric, he's GREAT! I love his newest can check him out here.
So, yesterday, after what felt like the longest teaching day of the year thus far, my friend Erin and I headed down to Clinton. The weather was perfect, and the view was amazing:

We weren't the only ones who enjoyed the concert. Check out this fella, dancing.....alone.....

See, I told you we were close to the stage. :)

Could the night possibly get any better? I didn't think so. And then one of my FAV-O-RITE people EVER, the infamous Megan T., showed up.

me+megan t.= endless hours of giggling and a guaranteed good time

Erin and I enjoyed every minute of Eric's performance.

THe four of us had a fabulouso time.
Erin, me, Megan T., and Kristen

However, it did get a little windy. Good thing the Libster thought to stick this handy hairbrush in my purse, right?

As you can tell, it really helped keep our hair 'in check', so to speak.

Kristen, whom I do believe is Eric's biggest fan, got him to sign her t-shirt.
I thnk she wasn't excited, but I'm not sure...what do you think???

When I said we were close, did I mention that if we'd been any closer we would have been on the stage with him?
I loved his faded pink guitar.....what color was this originally, I wonder....

And his drummer had sparkly blue drums. Too bad Libby wasn't there- she's a sucker for anything that sparkles.

But the highlight of the night was this, when we actually got to MEET him.
Great start to a great Easter weekend?
I think so.

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  1. Ohhhhh! If she wants to rock is my ringtone. I'm super jealous of you Gals!!


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