Friday, April 1, 2011

Five Thanks: March

1. Our Africa Shirts

Seriously, I have been so very blessed by the support I've received some friends, family, and strangers in my little attempt to make a difference.

And speaking of Africa shirts, if you still haven't sent me a pic. of you in yours, it's not too late. Just try to get it to me by Sunday night, mkay?

2. Peppermint Tea

So, it's a far stretch from Starbucks, but I'm seriously loving peppermint tea. It doesn't take much to make my day lately, but this stuff is ugh-may-zing.

3. My Kiddos Increased Awareness

Although this wasn't my intention or driving force, can I just say that I am loving how my increased awareness for Africa has brought about an increased awareness for Africa in my child? I have truly loved watching her little heart grow for others and their needs.

4. My Snuggle Buddy

We seriously couldn't have gotten a dog at a better time. We brought him home eleven days before I hurt my back, and he has been the best nurse I could imagine. We literally spend about twenty-two hours a day together. Wow.

5. My Friends

I am so fortunate to have such good friends. To everyone who has checked in on me, prayed for me, and asked about my back, thank you. I am truly grateful.

Here's hoping your March gave you much to be thankful for as well.

Oh, and before you go,
here's a quick reminder about Kristen.

She still need about $350 or so to complete her fundraising for her mission trip to Africa. If you haven't helped already or if you've already helped and want to do more, it's certainly not too late.
She still have several bracelets available. They're $5 each, and you can purchase them through the paypal button on my sidebar.
The best part?
She'll stick one in the mail to you within twenty-four hours, and they're a great way to help spread awareness.

And let's don't forget that all the cool kids are doin' it.
And don't you want to be cool?

Happy Friday to you and you and you.

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  1. Love what you guys are doing to support your sis... and so loving your pup. Hope your back gets well soon!!

  2. okay i've been looking for a really good tea to drink at college...

    i think i'm gunna go with that peppermint tea you just posted....

    do they sell that everywhere??
    have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Your girls are precious! Thanks for the teaching encouragement! :) Love the blog!


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