Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Reason #450898980 Why I Love My Kid

Please excuse the terrible quality of this picture and focus on the fact that Libby colored it....for the Easter Bunny. Who knew the Easter Bunny likes fancy shoes with hearts and sparkles.

Have I mentioned that she's pretty darn cool? Because she so is.

Here's hoping today makes you smile.

Before I go, two quick reminders:

1. The CD Swap. Have you helped spread the word? Have you signed up? I'm thinking today is a great day to do both.

2. Have you taken a sec. to donate a few dollars for books for children in Kenya? Seriously, instead of shelling out $4 for a cup o' joe, you could seriously impact a child's life by helping to instill in them a love for reading. Think about it. And if it's something you feel inspired to do, you can use the paypal button at the top of my page-- just be sure to say books in your checkout somewhere.

And today I'd like to know-- what is your FAVORITE Easter tradition? We're in need of something new.

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