Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{Home Sweet Home, Take #2}

Can I just say that seeing those peeps in their Africa shirts has seriously MADE MY MONTH? And every time someone sends me a message reporting an Africa shirt sighting out and about or shares with me how their shirt was a conversation starter about Africa or mission trips or adoption, it just melts my heart.
If you have a story such as this, please share. Seriously-- after all the stomach virusing we've had going on lately, it will be greatly appreciated.

And now, without further adieu, here are some more of our Africa shirts in their new homes:

Meagan and Hannah in Mississippi

Some super cute kiddos at the Delta State University Wesley in Mississippi

Bea in Mississippi

Sherry in Mississippi
Cool fact: This is Kristen's MOM! :)

Megan Kaye in Mississippi

Shonna in Mississippi
Cool fact: We're twins. Ok, not really. But we like to think we are.

Penny in Alabama
Cool fact: Penny is one of my sponsors. You can check out the link to her store, Daisymaes, on my sidebar.

Shelby in Mississippi

Heather in Louisiana

Dara in Florida
Cool fact: Dara is also one of my sponsors. You can find her Kelly's Kids link on my sidebar.

If you have a pic. of you in your Africa shirt and would still like to send it my way, please do so. I'll be happy to share any more that I receive.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped support Kristen on her journey to make a difference. And remember, it's not too late to help-- you can make a donation or purchase a bracelet for $5. Every little bit helps. See my sidebar for details.

Here's hoping your Wednesday is served with a side of fabulous.
Today we're mending sick tummies, and tomorrow we're headed out of town for another appointment with Lib's skin doctor.
Just another fun-filled week at our house.

But I promise to be back soon with more info. on Melanie and how we can help stock the soon-to-library in Kenya with books.

Happy Wednesday to you and you and you.

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  1. you are my bbff -- best blogger friend forever. I am going to meet you one day and give you the biggest hug ever!


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