Thursday, February 3, 2011

How Sweet It Is

See these three precious faces?

Well, thanks to our recent t-shirt sales and loving support from not only their friends and families but from total strangers as well, they are well on their way to being able to go to Africa this summer.

Every day this week, I've talked to Kristen.
And every day this week, we've talked about how in awe we are of the way God is providing for her and her effort to do and be better by serving orphans in Africa this summer.
We have literally been blown away by the amount of support she has received so far. I say 'we' because although I don't feel like I'm meant to go with her this summer (it's coming though-- just not until Libby is old enough to go with me), I certainly feel called to help get her there.

And while it has warmed my heart to see her friends and family support her, it has literally brought tears to my eyes  to have my friends, especially those who haven't met Kristen, go out of their way to help her too.
If you are one of them, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

There's just something extra sweet about helping a stranger, about going out of our way to help someone for no reason other than because we believe in what they are doing.

To me, if life is a cupcake,
random acts of kindness are the cherry on top.

And, just one week into our t-shirt sales, we're already realizing there are an awful lot of you out there liking cupcakes, so to speak.

So far, our shirts will be finding homes in seven states.
Think we can reach more?
We certainly hope so.
Have we reached your state yet?

 If you're sitting home tonight with plans to donate or buy a shirt, what are you waiting for?
Tonight seems like a cupcake kinda night to me.

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