Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Five Thanks: January

First of all, my apologies for this post being so late.
Enjoy it just the same?

1. Birthdays Galore

I seriously think my 31st may have been my best birthday to date. And then, to top it off, two days before I turned the big 3-1, this little one celebrated her first year. And I could not possibly be more thankful for this little life I love so. Oh, and that first birthday party = a total success if I do say so myself...which I do.

2. Working On My List

If you do recall, I recently wrote my list of thirty things I want to accomplish while I'm in my thirties. Well, look out number 9, cause I've got my eye on you.
That's right; despite the back drama I am working on learning how to actually play my guitar.
And this time, I've enlisted reinforcements.
Bloggers, you might remember Rachel.

Well, not only does she make me laugh on a regular basis and love my babies big time, but she also has madd skills, yo.

Check this out:

Pretty amazing, si?

You might recognize it from here.

Guitar lessons, here I come.

3. The First Born

Although my oldest can best be described as exhausting, I am so in love with the fact that she is totally comfortable with who she is, that she can own any room at any time, and that she was born to entertain. Now if we can only teach her to stay seated during dinner and not paint her mirror with chap stick, all will be right with the world.

4. The Dog Child

Plain and simple, I love this dog. I can't believe we've only had him for a little over a month. He has blended right into our crazy household and is the best snuggle buddy I've ever known.
The hubby will have a hard time topping this birthday present.

5. Tasty Treats of the New Variety

Just a few things I've been lovin' the heck out of lately.

January, you rocked.
Snow? Check.
Birthday celebrations? Check.
A month to remember? Check.

Oh, and if you haven't told me what we'd talk about if we were neighbors, no worries.
The party is still going strong.
So why don't you get to work on your post?
All the cool kids are doin' it.

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