Thursday, February 3, 2011

Milkfly Giveaway: Feb. 4-8 and a winner

First, congrats to comment # 14, JANELLE KEITH, on winning the Hopelovescards giveaway. :)

And now that one giveaway has ended we should start another, lest the world should stop spinning on its axis, agreed?

So, in an attempt to save the world, bloggers, I'd like you to meet Milkfly.

This adorable Etsy shoppers features some of the cutest felt food I've ever seen.

Feast your eyes on this deliciousness:

Can I just say that not only do this shots make my mouth water, but I am in awe of her attention to detail! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!
I seriously believe each piece is its own little piece of art.

And, the owner of this shop would like to give one of THESE to one of YOU:

Did I mention that it's called "Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top"?
I mean, seriously?
Could this shop possibly be any more adorable?
I vote 'no way, Jose'.

Want to know how you can win this for your little Valentine?
It's simple.


Visit Milkfly on Etsy, drool a little, then come back here and leave a comment telling me what made you drool the most.


*Heart Milkfly via your Etsy account.
*Buy something from her shop and tell me what you ordered.
*Tweet, blog, or facebook about my Africa t-shirts and leave a link or comment telling me you did -- no pressure, but you know I'd greatly appreciate it. :)
*Become a follower of my blog or remind me that you already are one.
*Join my linky party or remind me that you already have.
*Tell me about something nice someone has done for you lately. Hearing this will hopefully put a smile on my face, which I need, seeing as how I'm totally exhausted since teething, still stuffy Hollyn refuses to night night.

Be sure to leave a separate comment for each thing you do.

Happy commenting and good luck to you.


  1. OMG! I love it! What made me drool the most were the cupcakes and the waffle breakfast!!! SO CUTE!!!! I am a follower! I hope you will stop by my blog and follow back!

    Emma Michaels

  2. Cute! I like the mix match batch of cookies. Seems like it would perfect for a little girl's tea party (and I have one in mind...)

  3. I love the waffle breakfast with the berries. So cute!!

  4. How crazy am I that my mouth watered at the Mississippi Mud Pie, and the Pecan and Banana Cream Pie?
    hahaha I love everything in the shop but fell for those at first sight! 0_o!!!

  5. I hearted her shop!

  6. I follow you GFC.

  7. Something someone has done for me is simply taking time out of their day to ask how I've been. I also have my mom hom a few days and I loved spending time with her until she heads back to our hometown in Louisiana for a few more days!


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