Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Way to Help

Props to all of you on the t-shirts sales.
As of this morning, I'd sold 18, and seeing as how we still have a month to go, I have high hopes that we can easily help Kristen reach her goal for her Africa trip this summer and be able to donate to the orphanage as well, which is something she'd really like to be able to do.

Speaking of Kristen, did I mention that she got seven, that's right s.e.v.e.n., shots this past weekend to prepare for her trip?
And if you know Kristen, you know this must mean she REALLY wants to go to Africa, because she's not exactly a fan.

And if you're even as close to as proud of her as I am, and you'd like to help her get to Africa, there's something else you can do other than buy a t-shirt, make a donation, and send prayers her way;
you can become a sponsor on my blog.

From February through June, I'll be running a sponsor special:
$10 a month (you can do one month or all five)

In case you didn't know, I average over 6000 views a month, so sponsoring would be a great way to promote your blog, website, or business. You'll be featured in an in-depth post, have your button posted on my sidebar, and have the joy of knowing you did something to make a difference.
Don't have a button? Not a problem; I'll make one for you.

If this is something you might be interested, let me know?
Can't wait to hear from you. :)

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