Monday, February 28, 2011

If We Were Neighbors Numero Two: A Linky Party

Mornin' neighbor.

First things first:


Now that that's taken of......
This morning there will be lots of coffee.
The Starbucks vanilla kind I got for my birthday.
With extra creamer and sugar-- two scoops.

We'd start off today's visit with talking about our weekend.
I'd tell you how Libby stayed with my mom, which was nice becuase it allowed us to clean sweep her room. Don't tell her though--we're hoping she won't notice that we threw away several of her hoarder-like piles. We call it intervention; she'll call it reason to throw a stage 5 fit.

Speaking of Libby, you'd be itching to know how Libby's appointment went with the pediatric allergist last week. You'd use the word 'itching', and I'd say someone woke up on the funny side of the bed this morning.

I'd cut right to the chase and tell you two things:

1. We really like her new doctor, even though he did look at me like I might be losing it when I pulled out my several inch thick folder complete with a list of all the things we've tried before that haven't worked. There are twenty-three things on that list. And twenty-three in four years is a lot.

2. We have a new skin routine. It includes us doing thirteen things a day for her skin for at least the next three weeks.

You'd shake your head and remind me of this:

And I tell you that we're very hopeful that this new routine will bring some comfort to our baby and some peace to our little lives.

In the meantime, we're doing our best to do this:

Oh, and did I mention there's cupcake shop just down the road from Lib's new doctor's office?

This alone is reason to celebrate.

We'd talk about blogging for a minute...things we love and things we'd like to change.
And I'd mention how surprised I was with my recent nerd post. Apparently, people like nerds.
That post got some serious views.
Maybe I shoud be nerdy more often.....

We'd talk a minute more about this and that.
And then I'd mention that Lee and I have some big changes in store... more to come on that soon.
You'd be anxious, and I'd tell you to wait patiently.
Because I love giving advice I know I'd never follow.

Before you left, I'd pass you my now completed copy of this:

I'd tell you that you simply must read it.
As a Southerner, I couldn't get enough.
As an English teacher, I couldn't get enough.
And as someone who flat out just loves a good story, I couldn't get enough.
You'd say you'll start it as soon as you get home.
I'd say you'd better...and then I'd wink.
Sometimes I like to do that.

We'd finish off our coffee, and then I'd head out on my daily walk...back doctor's orders, you know.

{As usual, the pics. in this post came from one of my favorite places on the world wide web.
I only wish I could take pics. that are this pretty.}

And now I'm just 'itching' to know--- what would YOU talk about with your blog friends if you were neighbors?

Write your post and link back to here either using this button or simply by adding a link somewhere within your post; I'm not picky.

And then link your post here so others can enjoy it.
Happy new week, peeps.


  1. I'm reading The Help right now! It's sooo good! I'm about halfway done with it and can't wait to see where it goes. :-)

  2. The Help is a GREAT book. I can't wait for the movie to come out even though I know I'm going to be disappointed with how different the storyline is from the book. I always am.

    LOVE the Everything in this world is just temporary even bad days and sleepless nights. I saved it to my computer last night. If only I had read it, um, 6 months ago when I was getting zero sleep.

    I was pleased with my Day 1 last week. Most number of hits ever. I think people must have been completely shocked I shared my weight with the world. Ha!

    Now that I've written a short story...enjoy your day!

  3. The Help was one of my top 5 favorite books i have ever read.

  4. What a great post! I hope Libby's skin and your back feel better soon!


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