Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Those Two Dirty Words

Before things get ugly around here, I want to announce to winner of the Milkfly Giveaway. Congrats to comment #8, Brooke Anna. :) If you can e-mail me your mailing info., that would be great.

And now for the bad news.
After three long weeks of chronic pain, I finally caved yesterday and went to the back doctor, where he said those two dirty words to me:
bulging disk.

Trust me, it's even less fun than it sounds....and I'm sure the four to six weeks of therapy I'm about to endure will be equally as fun. However, all of this is still probably less fun than surgery, which was my other option. And don't even get me started on the limitations for the next month, with the number one most traumatizing limitation being NO PICKING UP THE BABY. Seriously, how are Hollyn and I supposed to function? Ugh. So not fun.

However, at least I have this to make me feel better:

I like to call this 'The Day Doc Wore Clothes'.

It goes without saying that he was thrilled by this notion.

But when a friend gives your dog a Valentine, it's only polite to give it a shot, right?

Thanks Erin Emily for the good laugh. Doc, however, would like to have word with you. Hopefully it won't be as ugly as 'bulging disk' was to me.
Good luck with that.


  1. yikes! i hope you start feeling better soon! libby and doc are both adorable in these pictures. his white is really starting to lighten up.

  2. Well I hope you feel better soon friend. The shirt on the dog, is pretty funny considering he is so tiny. Hope you are back to yourself soon! ♥ BJ

  3. Bummer McCall! I was thinking of you and wondering how your back has been. Silly me, since you hadn't mentioned it I was thinking thankful thoughts that it was better. Hopefully the time will fly by for you.


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