Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Over the River and Through the Woods

See this kiddo?
Today she has an out-of-town doctor's appointment.
We're seeing a pediactric allergist who specializes in eczema.
After six docs. down and still looking somewhat like she's been dipped in acid, we are well past desperate.
Wish us luck...and pray he doesn't hate us when I hand him our folder of past prescriptions, tests, etc...I think it's about ten inches thick.

The good thing about this trip?
There will be Starbucks.
And Target.
And hopefully some relief for my little girl whose skin is taking on a leathery appearance as of late.
Prayers would be fabulous if that's something you do...which I hope it is.

Know what else would be fabulous?
If you'll join my linky party and buy an Africa shirt.
Just throwin' that out there.

Happy Thursday to you and you and you.


  1. I hope you get good results from the new doc! Good Luck

  2. What a great surprise to see you and Libby today at the Dr. office! I sure hope this doctor will be able to find Libby some relief. Bless her heart - I know she has got to be miserable. Hope you guys had some fun Mommy/daughter time in Jackson. Keep me updated on what the doctor says.

  3. i would love to know what you find out at the doctor! hadley's eczema is coming back and i'm pretty sure it's an oak pollen allergy.
    BUT, i'm not okay with her being on meds. ugh, such a tough thing to deal with.


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