Friday, February 4, 2011

This Momma Likey, Take 2


If you know me, then you know I'm not much of a real life.
However, give me some uninterrupted computer time, and I'll fill a virtual buggy up in the blink of an eye.
And here are some things I wouldn't hesitate to bring home if the money tree in our yard was in fact real:

I would love to have one of these for each of my girls. I just think they are so very sweet.
You can find one here.

And I think the reasons I love this go without saying. I seriously think Libby needs it, seeing as how she's as into Africa as any six-year-old can be.
It currently resides in this cute Etsy shop.

I'm not much on jewelery (meaning I tend to wear the same. exact. pieces. every day), but I love this simple piece that I found here.

I also think I need one of honor of our newest addition, of course.
 You can find one here, if you're interested.

I think this reversible purse is too cute for words. Love this color scheme right now.

Isn't this beautiful? And wouldn't it look precious on H-town? I'm thinking yes. And you can check them out here...but be warned--- some super cute stuff awaits.

And I think this cross wall needs this new addition.

And you know I'm gonna ask-- what are YOU loving right now????


  1. Loving your list!!! That t.shirt is too sweet!

  2. Love this list! Well...I have my eye on a couple things...I may need to do a post in response to this one =)


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