Monday, February 21, 2011

If We Were Neighbors Numero Uno: A Linky Party

For starters, how was your weekend?
Mine was alright...more on that in a minute.
But first, if you do recall, last week I did a post about the things we would talk about if we were neighbors.
And you liked it.
I got several comments and e-mails about it.
And seeing as how I'm a blogger who listens to her readers, I've decided to make this a regular weekly feature and linky party here at Lee, Me, and the Girls.
If you care to join in, which I so hope you do, just link your blog post back to mine at the bottom of this post and please either post my button or give a link back to my blog somewhere within your post so others can join in the fun too.
With that being said, here's what we would have dished about today if we were neighbors:

After the weekend I had, this morning would have started off with coffee....the strong kind.

As soon as our coffee was poured, I'd get right to business and apologize...again....for the fact that Libby screams like a banshee every time she takes the dog outside. I know this can't be fun for you....especially at six o'clock in the a.m. Thanks again for not calling the cops...or throwing things at her....even though I'm sure you probably considered doing both. Not sure what's up with her and screaming at the top of her lungs these days. Any thoughts on this?

Moving on.....

We'd take a minute to talk abou the weather and how heavenly this little spring preview has been.

I'd tell you that it makes me feel crafty and gives me the urge to make things, such as this wreath which I hope to replicate sooner than later.

And it makes me wanna listen to this non-stop.

You'd take a minute to ask about the Africa shirt sales, being  that you're thoughtful like that,
and I'd tell you my big news:

I met my goal nine days shy of the deadline.

Fifty shirts sold to help Kristen go to Africa this summer to serve in an orphanage.
And then I'd say that I'll still be selling them through March 1st, so if you know anyone who hasn't ordered yet, please put a bug in her (or his...guys like pink too, right?) ear.

And then you'd present me with one of these and tell me to wear it proudly:

We'd hug, because it's kinda my thing, and then you'd ask me if I've given any more thought to going back to work next year. I'd huff and say yes; I am in fact leaning in that direction. Although I still can't say I want to teach forever, maybe I'll give it one more go. And we'd drift into a conversation about how completely unrealistic it is to make twenty-year-olds decide the rest of their lives when they're barely even old enough to know who they are, much less what they want to do day in and day out for the next thirty or so years.

And then, you'd ask the question I've been dreading:
How is your back?

I'd respond and simply say, "Terrible, terrible, terrible."
And then I'd tell you how my biggest fear is that this is my new normal,
and I'd mention that my doctor said the dreaded 's' word twice today: surgery.
It's where I'm headed if the therapy doesn't work, which it's currently not.

And in the meantime:

my house is a disaster.
my family is living on leftovers.
Libby's eczema is easily the worst I've ever seen it.
Hollyn now has not only an ear infection, but pink eye too...because an ear infection clearly is not enough.
I might just be about to lose it.
And a partridge in a pear tree.

You'd just smile and nodd and say you've been there too, and then you'd say something to make me laugh.

And before you go, I'd ask if it's possible to O.D. on strawberries....because if so, Libby might just be in trouble.

Then I'd fill your cup once more, and we'd start in on something even more fun...
like college story share hour.

Your turn.
I can't wait to read all of your links.

Here's hoping your weekend made mine look like chopped liver.


  1. No blog, but I just wanted to tell you that I love you, miss you so very much, and I wish I had a magic wand to take away the back issues, eczema, and ear and eye infections. :(

  2. After reading the line that Libby's eczema is the worst and then seeing that she likes to OD on strawberries... could she *possibly* be allergic to strawberries and it's coming in the form of her eczema?

    (Only reason I ask... I used to work in pediatrics and saw a lot of similar cases... I SERIOUSLY don't mean to overstep... if I did, please let me know.)

    And next week, I'm so joining the linky, I've been out of sorts lately.

  3. Abbi- Thanks so much for insight. Unfortunately, her eczema is horrible 365 and she only eats strawberries on occassion, and it was bad before she ate the first one. BUT, I am ALWAYS interested in hearing what others think-- I am firm believer that two heads are better than one! :)
    And I can't wait to read your link next week!


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