Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Almost Birthday, Holly Belle, and I Kinda Need Your Help

In honor of the Holly-belle's first birthday tomorrow, I made a little somethin'. Hope you enjoy.

And don't forget: two giveaways and a linky party need your attention.

And, seeing as how I'll be the big 3-1 in three days, I'd love to know:

how did you spend your best birthday thus far?????

This birthday absolutely, positively, without a doubt has to be good, seeing as how I feel like it's my thirtieth AND thirty-first rolled into one since I was in the hospital having just birthed a baby last year.
A lot of pressure for Friday, I know, but my hopes are high. 
So, send your amazing birthday ideas my way...I can't wait to hear and be inspired.


  1. Best birthday by far. Trip to the coast... lots of yummy food & sleeping in! Cute blog :)

  2. lots of sleep and a massage sounds wonderful right now. XOXO

    Molly and Trudy

  4. That video made me cry! What a year! What song was that? Loved it! My best bday so fas as been the big 3-0. John surprised me and took me to Orlando to see a Cirque du Soleil show, we stayed at a resort at Universal, and went to both parks the next day. The weather was fantastic, and we got to skip all the lines since we stayed on their property! So much fun pretending to be a kid again!


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