Monday, September 6, 2010

Birthday party details: Cupcake Tower

While I think I loved every single thing about Lib's birthday party, this was by far my favorite.

I still can't believe I made it. And that it was SOOOOO very easy! I promise you can do this too. Don't be intimidated by the cuteness.

I'll baby-step you through it:
First, gather your materials. All you need is wrapping paper (I used just under a standard roll), tape, scissors, some newspaper or something else to fill the boxes with to give them some stability (I actually put a cut up phone book in one), and the boxes.

I'd hoped to find these in my wrapping closet, but when that didn't work, I ordered them from here. This is also where I ordered the boxes the party-goers would use to take their cakes home. The prices were excellent (less than $3 for the largest one I ordered). However, the shipping-- not so much. If I lived in a bigger town that actually HAD a baker supply store, I'd for sure check there first.  You can use whatever size boxes you like, depending on how large you'd like your tower to be. However, be sure that there's still room for cupcakes on each level.

After you gather your materials, wrap each box. Then decorate them however you so choose.
 Here's what I did:

I think this is my favorite thing about this project; it's so versatile! I plan on reusing it again in the future after I give it a new look by changing the ribbon color and monogram on the front. If you plan on reusing yours, don't attach the boxes to each other; simply set one box on top of the other.

Here are the sizes I used:

And volia. One super cute, easy, inexpensive way to display cupcakes.

Of course, it's even cuter like this:

Tomorrow's post will be about the goodies we served at the par-tay, so be sure to come back soon.

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  1. hi there! coming from kelly's corner and wanted to see how you made the cupcake tower! you did a great job!!! looks easy enough to do! thank you for sharing! may have to steal this idea some day!!


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