Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who do YOU admire? A LINKY PARTY :)

If you recall, I didn't make a New Year's Resolution this year.
I have a list of things I'm attempting NOT to do, but until recently I hadn't set my sights on that one thing I was willing to commit to for the next three sixty five (days, that is).

And then, on my birthday while eating Chinese food with mi madre, it hit me via my fortune cookie:

There it was;
in 2011, I want to inspire others...even if it's just ONE other.

I want to use this year to try to inspire someone to do better and to be better.
I want others to see the good in my words and my actions and aspire to do the same.

Which ultimately means, that I want to do and be better so that hopefully someone out there will want to do and be better along with me.

And I don't about you, but I learn best by example.
And it didn't take me long to come up with my resolution role model.

Bloggers, meet THE Emily Anderson.

I've been reading (and ADORING) her blog for about six months now.
I literally can't get enough.
Not only do I love her writing style, her fabulous musical picks, her adorable kiddos, and her touch o'sarcasm, but I love her desire to spread the love.
She loves GOD, she loves HER FAMILY, and she loves DOING GOOD.
And all of that sounds pretty fabulous to me.

I also love how she's not afraid to admit that she's not 'the perfect mom' and that she sometimes looks a mess. I mean, really, don't we all?

And most of all, I love her heart.
And in her heart, there's a place for Africa.

Did you happen to notice that adorable picture of a  little girl in the frame Emily was holding?
That's her daughter, Elsa, who will hopefully be arriving at her forever home sometime next month.
And here's what Emily has to say about Africa:
(Borrowed with permission from Emily.)

my grandparents got us a globe for christmas.

it was a fitting gift...and came to us right before mr. anderson left for africa.

we were able to "see where daddy was" while he was on his long flights to and from.
so, as i walked into the boys room the other day, i got so perturbed, seeing that one of them had put a gigantic red sticker on this globe.

our beautiful globe.

my immediate thought was "who the heck did this and why don't they know how to take care of our things?!"

but then upon further inspection, i noticed where this "big, giant, red sticker was placed".

a heart over addis ababa, the city where elsa resides.

caedmon came running up to me, so completely proud and beaming, saying "look, i put a heart sticker where elsa is, cause she's our sister and we love her!"

my heart broke (and i quickly forgave myself for the bout of anger i had going on inside of me for the sticker in the first place).

my immediate thoughts were "they get it"...they are understanding the fact that we have a part of our family on the other side of the world.

and in that moment, i was very thankful.

so, i'm often asked why we chose to adopt from ethiopia...i can't really give more of an answer than "the Lord has called us to adopt from there"...really. i never would have said we would have a child from ethiopia. but now, here we close to having her in our home.
the statistics for this country are heart breaking.
see for yourself:
• One in six children die before their fifth birthday

• 44% of the population of Ethiopia is under 15 years old

• 60% of children in Ethiopia are stunted because of malnutrition

• The median age in Ethiopia is 17.8 years

• 1.5 million people are infected with AIDS (6th highest in the world)

• 720,000 children have been orphaned by AIDS alone, and there are 4.6 million orphans in Ethiopia (this number varies, some say there is as many as 6 million orphans).

• Per capita, Ethiopia receives less aid than any country in Africa

• In the 90s the population (3%) grew faster than food production (2.2%)

• Drought struck the country from 2000-2002 (first year no crops, second year no seeds, third year no animals)

• Half the children in Ethiopia will never attend school. 88% will never attend secondary school.

• Coffee prices (Ethiopia’s only major export) fell 40-60% from 1998-2002.

• Ethiopia’s doctor to children ratio is 1 to 24,000.

• In 1993, after 30 long years of war, Eritrea broke from Ethiopia and became an independent nation leaving Ethiopia landlocked without any major seafaring ports.

so i ask you...where is your heart residing?

maybe you're not ready for adoption at this point, but i pray that the Lord uses this blog to show you that you don't have to be a small don't have to be a rich don't have to be a perfect family to adopt.

Thanks for sharing your story with me and so many others.
Thanks for being someone who challenges me to be and do better....
and for being so darn funny.

Praying for Elsa-

If you want to know more about Emily and her newest addition, you can check them out here:

And when you read her blog and fall in love, leave her a comment and tell her I sent you.
And now, I've just GOT to ask:
We all need an 'Emily' in our lives, and I would absolutely LOVE to hear about yours.
So, if you feel so inclined, write your own post about the person who inspires you, and then come back and link your post here.
I can't wait to read your entries.
Have a great weekend, and be sure to come back soon-- I'm announcing my Africa fundraiser in the next few days. :)
See you then, mkay?


  1. thank you again, mccall.
    i love this post :)

    i'm so excited for you to be able to help africa in this way---your friend is so lucky to have you in her life :)

  2. Following you from Boost Your Blog Friday :)

  3. thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed my post. :) I enjoyed writing it . Thanks for the sweet compliment about my two girls - they are super awesome .. that's why I enjoy reading yours, too. You have beautiful girls & fun stories to share about them. :)


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