Tuesday, January 18, 2011

After Party Funk and a WINNER

First things first, CONGRATS TO comment #8, ELIZABETH, on winning the Children's Museum Tickets, and thanks to all who entered. And don't be discouraged if you didn't win; it doesn't mean you can't pack up and head that way.

There is some serious after party funk going on at our house today.
You know, the kind where seeing as how mom worked so hard on the party and had so much fun at the party that now that the party is over, mom has no desire whatsoever to finish picking up from the party or do much besides sit on the couch and watch Despicable Me, which has turned out to be way cuter than expected.

Looks like mom isn't the only one in a funk.

Good thing Libby is an expert at helping us get rid of our funkies....

...and it turns out this little guy isn't so bad either.

Here's hoping your Tuesday that feels like a Monday is funk free.


  1. What a great party you threw!! So creative! Your girls will love to have so many pics when they grow up and hear the stories of all the fun things they got to experience.


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