Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Word-ish Wednesday: Hollyn's New Digs

Oh my.lanta. at the craziness that is my life this week.
And in the midst of birthday party-ing and house-training and snow days, I found a little time to update Hollyn's wardrobe. And because dress-up is practically the Libster's middle name, I told her she could try ONE thing on Hollyn.

Here's what she chose:

Totally appropriate seeing as how there's still snow on the ground.

And the snow is about to do this little guy in....

all 1.7 pounds of him is just not diggin' it.

Remind me again who thought it was a great idea to get a puppy and attempt to house-train him during the coldest part of the year while also watching a one-year-old.
Oh, yeah.
 That was me, wasn't it?
Oh bother.

Happy Wednesday.
And if you get a chance, send happy thoughts my way;
my sanity seems to have gone missing.


  1. Oh he is SO adorable though!! Loving Libby's outfit choice...Hollyn looks adorable in it! Good luck with all that is going on this week/weekend. It's all going to be just GREAT!

  2. And this is what I miss by having two boys!


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