Monday, January 31, 2011

Raising Funds for Africa: My Attempt to Make a Difference

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This summer, Kristen, my pseudo little sister and one of my closest friends in. the. world. will travel to Ghana, Africa, where she will work in this orphanage.

Sponsored by the Rafiki Foundation, the Rafiki Orphange in Winneba, Ghana, is working hard to make a difference in the lives of parentless children and trying to protect them from the life that awaits the orphaned child in this part of Africa (warning: this link will lead you to heartbreaking news of what happens to orphaned children in this part of the world. It made me cry, just so you know).

And she's not going alone.
See these two adorable faces????

Bloggers, meet Allison (left) and Lenzie (right).

Allison has a heart for service unlike anyone I've ever seen,
and Lenzie is one of the most level-headed, down-to-earth people I've ever known.

And they'll be joining Kristen on her journey to change lives, even if only for a moment.

In an effort to help them raise funds for their trip and for the orphanage,
 I will be selling t-shirts from now until March 1st.

The short-sleeve t-shirts will cost a minimal donation of $20, and did I mention that any money Kristen raises above the expenses for her trip will be donated to the orphanage?

Sizes S- XXL are available for this traditional style t-shirt, and this is the design that will appear on the front:

I am thrilled with how they turned out-- I can't wait to get my hands on one,
 and I so hope you feel the same way!

But, if for whatever reason $20 is too much to give or you don't have a need for another t-shirt, but you still want to help make a difference for this great cause, you can donate whatever amount you're comfortable with by clicking on the donate button on this post or on my sidebar. Every dollar helps. :)

HOWEVER, if you're lovin' the shirt and can't wait to rock one of your own, then this is the place to be. Just click the donate button found on my sidebar and be sure to donate at least $20.
And be sure to include what size you'll need and your shipping address in the 'notes to sellers' section when you check out.

Happy shopping, friends, and thank you a billion times over for your support.


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  2. I hope your friend and her friends have a safe trip and are able to bless and be blessed for their efforts! :)

  3. i love africa. a lot.
    thanks for speaking up for the children there.
    just ordered my shirt! =)

  4. I want to go to Africa. I am jealous of you, but I'll buy a shirt to help you get there!

  5. I want to go to Africa. I am jealous of you, but I'll buy a shirt to help you get there!

  6. Erin Emily Houston is a fb friend of mine and a fellow MUW alum. She told me about the fundraiser on fb. I'm also an African freak and work to support orphan ministries in Swaziland and other parts of the continent. I'd love to have one of your shirts and do a little part in helping this ministry.

    It is my bday and I just rec'd a check from my mom. As soon as I can get it deposited, I'll be buying one! :D

    Praying that you'll have all your provisions abundantly provided for,
    Elysa Mac

  7. Hey! Just wanted to make sure that you saw I ordered a t-shirt via a PayPal donation. Let me know if you need more info.

    Elysa Mac

  8. So did you get my cool person order?

    I know, I know...I'm being more than a bit obsessive.


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